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Elite League korean drama review
Elite League
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by leen
Fev 17, 2024
8 of 8 episódios vistos
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Short and thrilling competition for creative logical and number puzzles lovers

I enjoyed the logic and number puzzles here as it was interesting to see how they made simple concepts/ games into a complicated one (e.g. a rock scissors paper game into a game about memorization and object permance). The most interesting part for me was when the participants talk about their approaches, shortcut methods and tricks which makes me gasped at how their brain words like GENIUSES!! And also so that I can use these methods next time if I ever come across puzzles like this LOL (which is probably never). I also appreciated that theres NO games where they had the participants scheming against one another, like a mafia game, or alliances (where the weak participants team up to eliminate the smart ones that we want to see early in the game). As much as how the participants were geniuses, I must commend on how the writer is a genius for creating such creative games (but no surprise because the writer was The Genius's writer).

I am also glad to see how well different teams work together, considering the fact that most of them met each other only through the show. I absolutely loved the dynamic of Team KU and SNU and felt that they have great teamwork.

Overall, I highly recommend this short and binge-able 8 episodes intelligence competition with geniuses competing with one another if you love puzzles and this type of reality shows!
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