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BTS in the Soop Season 1 korean drama review
BTS in the Soop Season 1
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by Harsh_S
Out 10, 2020
8 of 8 episódios vistos
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História 10.0
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Musical 10.0
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It's BTS being BTS....

First of all if you have watched any BTS videos before (and I don't mean MV, just them doing things, anything), you don't need to see this review to know that this show was ah-mazing.
To those who have not seen BTS in anything other than their music (and to those who haven't even seen that just in case), I would suggest that you definitely watch this.
I get that this is just them eating, sleeping, playing and relaxing but it's just so much fun. Their chemistry is off the charts and they just have fun even when they are working because they are together. This show is basically BTS setting goals.
They are friendship goals as well as life goals. They work really hard but they also know how and when to relax (like me watching them to de-stress). Instead of watching motivational speeches on the internet to inspire yourself, you can just watch this and you'll want to do better in both your personal and professional life (I have started to cook after watching them).
Also since it's BTS, obviously their music is great. And yes I'm gonna re-watch this again and again.
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