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Sunshine Babe

The mostly nice hood

Sunshine Babe

The mostly nice hood


My name: Raydonia But you can call me Ray

Fav Genre: Romance  Hopeless Romantic Alert

Fav K drama: Pasta ( Nothing can top it..Yet)

Fav C Drama: Go Go Squid

Fav J DramaRich Man, Poor Woman

Fav Thai DramaSOTUS: The Series

Fav Tai Drama:  Lost Romance


  •   9-10   highly recommend you to watch you might fall in love with it

  • 8.0-8.5   memorable but not in love  

  • 7 -7.5    lots of up and downs

  • 6.5 -1.0    not good in my opinion

Tumblr                                           Anime Planet

. * .·.  . ✧:. ·.  Extras 。・:*˚:✧。 

Some Fav Couples


WEN LI & JIA FEI: Well-intended love 1&2

*unfortunately, there are no gifs or photos to show how amazing these two are, but their spot is forever reserved in my heart. * ( just watch the show and you'll understand)* 

update 2 yrs later:2021*I FINALLY FOUND PHOTOS  And I made my own gifs cause I got tired of it. 

Honestly, they are the only reason I watch Well-intended Love 

Tong Nian & Han Shang Yan: Go Go Squid

Sakura and Tendo: Koi Wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo 

Wu Jinyan and Nie Yuan: Story of Yanxi Palace 

"Perhaps the Emperor has a liking for Wei Ying Lou and wants to take her for his own" - From the Empress to the Majesty himself

▛                                                                 -ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-                                                                ▜ 

❖✯ Fav Kisses ✯❖ 

❉ Go Go Squid❉ 

❉ Lie to me❉ 

❉ Goblin ❉ 


▣ Pasta


▣Lucky Romance


Rick Man, Poor Woman  


Unforgettable Dramas (Not your average Drama)
All jokes aside these are good dramas

Love Destiny

The Main leads:

Extraordinary You

The Main Leads:

His mind rn: What the hell is she doing up there?

The Girl Who Sees Scents
The Main leads:
Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku
The Main leads:

✧∘* ೃ ⋆。˚. 

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