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Kingdom: Legendary War korean drama review
Kingdom: Legendary War
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by Cierra Minor
Jun 4, 2021
10 of 10 episódios vistos
No geral 8.0
História 6.0
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Musical 8.0
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I really loved most of the performances that came out of KINGDOM LEGENDARY WAR and the little interaction between groups that we did get was golden. Before watching this I never really understood or looked into the MNET hate-train but now I fully understand. The way they did this show was terrible and had I not liked the groups on the show I wouldn't have continued to watch. They truly could have made ROAD TO KINGDOM the official "Kingdom". (Here's my final thoughts on the groups in random order):

BTOB: I've always liked BTOB since I became a Kpop fan, just never really paid much attention to them like some of the other groups in the show. But BTOB has to have some of the best if not the best vocals in Kpop and Kingdom really showed their vocals in the best way
SF9: Before KINGDOM I never really knew anything about sf9 and the probably only knew 3 members but now I know all the members and want to watch sf9 content and get into the group more. Performance wise I didn't really what they were capable of but they are really great performers and not just idol-actors, they really excel in rap, vocals and dance
IKON: I hate to say it because I love Ikon, they were one of the groups I got into when I first got into Kpop but their performances didn't really do anything for me except the last performances was great
STRAY KIDS: I had high expectations from them just from seeing past performances and for the most part they exceeded those expectations, were all their performances my favorite not at all but as a whole they were great (REALLY WISH THEY WOULD'VE HAD HYUNJIN THE WHOLE TIME)
THE BOYZ: I first got introduced to THE BOYZ on Road to Kingdom and have liked them ever since. I know they got a lot mixed results from their performances but I really enjoyed all their performances
ATEEZ: I hate to be that fan but I think I was rather bias towards ATEEZ because I've been a fan of theirs since debut. I really love what they brought to kingdom and they gave it their 100% even when they may not have got all the results they wanted. For me personally and if it was decision ATEEZ would have won (MISS YOU MINGI!!!)
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