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About Me

 I am a medical professional that travels to wherever duty calls! My job is so stressful.. so I indulge in dramas.. it’s my way of escaping reality. I am a lover of any and all things relating to Zhao Lusi, yes, I’m biased towards little bao beiii…   Protective of her.. yet understanding of all people’s opinions, i don’t like fandom wars, even if I am not a fan of your artist.. I’ll be respectful.. so don’t bash my sweet girl. Just because I’m aware of all the trauma and mental health issues that are out there.. I’ll try to keep it cordial and disengage with any haters.. after all, you never really know what people go through in their personal lives.. although it’s wrong for them to incite hate, maybe that’s their comfort zone? Hatred is probably familiar to them, the place where they live and breathe..

If y’all ever need anyone to talk to.. feel free to message me.. I’ll try to respond when I’m free.. after all, if I could save another life from being missed in this world.. my mission would be achieved!

  Dear person reading this.. Yes, I‘m talking to YOU!! The world is a better place with you in it.. and if all you did today was hold yourself together, I’m so proud of you. There is hope.. even when your brain tells you there isn’t.. so remember... one day, you will smile again..and I’ll be waiting for it! -hugs- 

Stay well, stay safe, and stay sane!

Zhao Lusi Tunes/OSTs

Oh! My Emperor OST (哦!我的皇帝陛下 )

Love Drops Into The River (2018) | 好像掉进爱情海里
    > solo | Spotify | YouTube 
    > ft. Gu Jiacheng | Spotify | YouTube 
    > ft. Liu Yuning (2020) | YouTube (Live Performance)
    > ft. Liu Yitong (2021) | YouTube (Live Performance)

Love Better Than Immortality OST (天雷一部之春花秋月)

Love Brain Young Girl (2019) | 恋爱脑少女

Spotify | YouTube

The Romance of Tiger and Rose OST (传闻中的陈芊芊)

Time (2020) | 时光话

Spotify | YouTube (Live Performance)

Dating in the Kitchen OST (我 喜欢你)

I Like You (2020) | 我喜欢你

The Long Ballad OST (长歌行)

I Wish You Were My Lasting Song (2021) | 多麼願你是我恆久的歌

Spotify | YouTube

Please Feel At Ease Mr Ling OST (一不小心捡到爱)

Picked Up You On A Rainy Day (2021) | 撿到你的下雨天
Spotify | YouTube

A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College OST (国子监来了个女弟子)

This Life Is For You (2021) | 此生予你

Spotify | YouTube

Live Performances

Calories & Health Song ft. Kevin Xie (2020) 卡路里 & 健康歌 | Jiangsu Spring Festival Gala

2020 is Super Sweet ft. Silence Wang | 2020超级甜哟 Zhejiang Douyin Wonderful Night

My Future is Not a Dream ft. Gao Weiguang (2020) | 我的未来不是梦 (CCTV Countdown to 2021)

Grain in Ear (2020) | 芒种 (Zhejiang TV NYE Countdown to 2021)

It's You (2022) | 是你 (Dragon TV NYE Countdown to 2023)


Necessary Lessons of Youth ft. Lu Yupeng (2020) | 青春必修课
Spotify | YouTube

Water Fountain ft. Alec Benjamin (2021) | 饮水机


Midnight Summer's Dream ft. VAVA (2021) | 仲夏夜之梦

Spotify | YouTube


• Annual Potential Actor Award at the 3rd Jinguduo Online Film and Television Festival (Golden Bud)

• Best Actress at the 7th Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China (Wenrong)
• Breakthrough Actor of the Year at the Tencent Video All Star Awards
- Outstanding Actress at the 7th The Actors of China Award Ceremony
- Best Newcomer at the 29th Huading Awards
- Best Actress at the 29th Huading Awards

• Breakthrough Actress of the Year at the 2020 Baidu Entertainment Awards
• Best Actress at the 6th China Online Video Academy Awards (Network Video)
• Best Dynamic Actress at the 2nd People's Daily Digital Communication and Fusion Screen Ceremony
• Asian Star Award at the Seoul International Drama Awards

• Outstanding Actress at the Chinese-American TV Festival Golden Angel Awards
• Outstanding Actor of the Year at the Weibo TV & Internet Video Summit 2022
- Best Actress at the 13th Macau International TV Festival (Golden Lotus)
-Best Actress in Chinese Costume TV Series Category at the 35th Huading Awards

***Hidden Love’s OST | Zhao Lusi ft. Silence Wang!!***

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**To be continued... I'll update this slowly when I have more time...


Shoutout to @Annie for some of the compilation!! :) 


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