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no show do Bruce!!!


no show do Bruce!!!
Arsenal Military Academy chinese drama review
Arsenal Military Academy
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by PisbliBloqueada
Mar 18, 2024
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It's just love! It's just love Who knows what is true

It's being trapped by will
It is to serve those who win, the winner
It's a possession with whom loyalty kills us
As opposed to you is the same love

temos varios tipos de amor, o da família, o amor entre amigos que se assemelham a irmãos, o romântico, o que ama, cuida, o mais precioso e o que nao se pede nada em troca..

It's a series about patriotism, I don't understand the historical context of the time because I'm not Chinese so I only speak for the history itself!

Characters very well developed by the actors, each episode has a short direction, and EACH EPISODE IS VERY WORTH WATCHING!
1 - WOMEN: if you want to watch series to fall in love with perfect men and dream of someone like you, here we have six! (Shen Ting Bai, my favorite) I removed the female character.
2 - the story is beautiful, about true friendship, companionship, friendship between brothers, why not talk about generosity and kindness too
3 - there are no moments of romance, kisses, hugs but there is THE COURT, WANTING MUCH MORE THAN WANTING GOOD, DOING IT WITHOUT EXPECTING ANYTHING IN RETURN, doing it because you love it.
4 - Get ready to be undecided between two VERY DISTINCT characters, and cry with the recruit you will hate the most.
5 - DON'T GIVE UP, VALE CADE SECOND WATCHED, for me as a story as I said, I wanted to have had the perspective of someone from China on the events of the time.
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