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Bittersweet Candy


Thanks for visiting my profile❣️.Feel free to send requests. I would love to make drama lovers friends. If you got a friend request from me that means your comments or bio grabbed my attention.

First East Asian Drama : My girlfriend is an alien (One of my favourites)

Favourite drama: Can't choose 

❗English is not my native language . I sincerely apologize for my grammertical errors

❗I tried my best to give honest opinions about dramas/movies and not to be biased when it is about my favorites

❗I  am very picky when it is about choosing a drama to watch,that's why my watchlist is pretty limited.

❗I don't know why death tag is one of the most common tags in my watchlist. Maybe because I like tragedy

❗I have no problem in watching old dramas or movies

❗I am a huge fan of modern fantasy . I prefer high fantasy series 

❗If I have given 10 /10 for a drama that means I have already fall for the male lead and checked his previous works. Maybe it happens because I am a girl .

❗I like sweet little jealousy scenes in dramas . I repeat those parts . But it irritates me to see over jealousy of leads. I can bear little arrogance of characters but I hate dramas having very very very arrogant main leads.

❗ Although I have watched more Kdramas than Chinese and Japanese. I know about Chinese industry more than Korean and Japanese 

 ❗I prefer live actions over animes. 

❗I don't have any interest over pop music.

❗I prefer dramas of good plots over popular casts. 

❗I have a tendency to watch hyped, high rated , popular dramas a little bit later. It could be 3 months,6 months, 1 year, 2 years or even more. Till now, there are very few hyped dramas I have able to watch during the hype.

❗ Addicted to historical manhwa (Korean Webcomic)

Some of my handsome men ~Byeon Wook Seok , Lee Jae Wook, Lee min ho ,Lee Dong wook, Chen Zhe Yan ,Lee Seoung Gi ,Lee Joon Gi, Kento Yamazaki, Choi Hyunwook, Ryeo Un

My beautiful ladies~ Go Youn Jung,Tsuchiya Tao, Kim hye Woon

Genres I prefer ~Fantasy, Sageuk ,Slice of life,Melodrama, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller, Tragedy, Sweet rom-com.

Popular genres I still couldn't get into ~ Xianxia, Xuanhuan 

Genres I don't watch ~ Incest ,BL,GL  or censored adaption of same sex

I generally avoid dramas related to professions (Law, medical, military etc), sports/eSports and computer/ programming . Most of time ,I don't feel like watching short length series because of poor acting skills.

Ratings ~ (8 -10)~ Worth to watch . I don't regret picking up these .Some of them can be called overall good , some of them are bests and some of them are masterpieces 

(6.5-7.5)~ Average. Not good nor bad. Somehow watchable.. I kinda regret to pick this one over those worth watching contents. I don't recommend unless someone wants contents of similar synopsis 

(5-6 )~ Below average. Regret watching and will never recommend.

(1-4.5)~ Worst. Just waste of time.

Left some dramas/movies unrated from my dropped list.


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