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Hi! Welcome!

I'm mon! I use the pronouns he/they. I watch cdrama, kdrama, jdrama, thai drama and variety shows. I watch other things such as eng shows, movies and f1. I also read danmei! I accept every friend requests here! every drama/gif/person mentioned here has a link, one click and it'll lead you. specal thanks to Grouchy for giving me an idea for my profile!

26.08.23, the start of my cdrama/c variety shows era. will I ever return to kdrama world? well probably won't but we'll see. cdramas are definitely more interesting than kdramas tho!

About Me:

• istp-t (very introvert) | likes to go abroad | kind & funny (˃‿˂)
• apart from dramas, I like kpop, cpop and jpop! I like listening to cdrama ost's ˘ᗜ˘
• message me for my socials! (discord, tiktok, instagram, twitter) -`ღ´-

My Favorite Kpop & Cpop Groups

                     TNT (Favorite member : Liu Yao Wen)     NCT DREAM (Favorite member: Jaemin)

Drama Preferences:

• genres: action, adventure, fantasy, mystery, supernatural, thriller, wuxia, xianxia
• tags: action, adventure, bromance, e-sports, 
martial arts, supernatural power, etc...
• any is okay, it's just as long as I like the plot


10.0-9.0 - masterpiece, perfectly made
8.5-8.0 - my average rating, drama was decent. will recommend for some
7.5-7.0 - honestly have no idea what I've just watched
6.5 ~ - just, no. these ratings are either I dropped it or I watched it when i was young

My Favorite Dramas:

• alchemy of souls (kdrama)
the uncanny counter (kdrama)
moving (kdrama)
hidden love (cdrama)
mysterious lotus casebook (cdrama)
the spirealm (cdrama)
ultimate note (cdrama)
i am nobody (cdrama)

My First Dramas:

kdrama - extraordinary you
cdrama - 
when we were young (2018)
jdrama: alice in borderland

My Favorite Quotes From Dramas:

"as long as you're alive, you can always start over." - kang bok su from my strange hero (kdrama)
"life is unpredictable, but you choose your own destiny. no matter how sweet or bitter it may be, you must taste it yourself and swallow it." - park jin from 
alchemy of souls season 2: light and shadow (kdrama)
"youth is not an excuse to cover up mistakes. but we do have youth only once." - ai jia from 
falling into your smile (cdrama)
"we watched many sunsets before and we watched the sunrise today. are we now ending what we started?" - jiang jia from 
when i fly towards you (cdrama)
"doing what you want, always requires sacrifice" - lu xiao bei from 
cross fire (cdrama)

My Favorite Kdrama Actors: (Bold = Actor's name of the gif)

 ahn hyo seop
hwang min hyun
woo do hwan

My Favorite Cdrama Actors: (Bold = Actors 
name of the gif)

• hou ming hao/neo hou
zeng shun xi/joseph zeng
tan jian ci

Hey, you're still reading this? Well sadly you've made it to the end of my profile  ᜊ̆ ̆ ᶻ ᶻ ᶻ ! Congratulations, and thank you for visiting (✿◠‿◠)! Casebook... closed!


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