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Hello~~ I hope all is well with everybody~

As an OG, I got into K-Dramas in early 2010 with Boys Over Flowers,
and really into K-Pop on August 3, 2010, with SHINee

I watch Korean ROMCOMs more than anything else in this world but watch BL from any country lol. Anything K-Pop related also attracts me, such as survival shows, concert shows, dramas led by idols, etc.

I listen to K-Pop only and across all generations. While my heaviest support is dedicated to BTS (since the Wings album in 2016), I am a multi at its finest and like groups from the true gem of all times, ✨2nd gen, all the way to the 5th gen that began with ZEROBASEONE. I enjoy every K-Pop group and song out there. ?

After 8 years of longing and desire, I moved to Seoul, South Korea in October 2018 and lived there until February 2022. I now reside in Dubai, UAE.


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