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eVEr wondered, what Jinyu has completed in 2022? wELL, I DO. So here it is. Appreciate my efforts in my comments or ignore them; it is up to you this time. <3 Let's see how much I can complete with my schedule hejwnjaja

jinyu Jan 3, 2022
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    Chinese Drama - 2022, 15 episodes


    OKAY OKAY OKAY. THIS. This is a thriller and a half. I support this drama with all of my heart; it is glorious. What did I do after I finished this? YA YOU BETCHA. I PUT THIS STRAIGHT INTO MY FAVORITES LIST AND GAVE IT A 10/10. It is simple. It is what is deserves. 

  • Exceed

    2. Exceed

    Chinese Movie - 2021


    i watched this on a classic warm spring night roflol. nice. olympic-ish sport-ish yaaa

  • Keep Running: Yellow River 2

    3. Keep Running: Yellow River 2

    Chinese TV Show - 2021, 5 episodes


    YOU KNOW IT.  if you know me you know i am such a fan of keep running. this season was no different obvi. i loved it so much. so lovely. so wonderful. such fun. unity. yes. 

  • WayV-ariety: (Un)official Cantonese Class with Teacher HENDERY

    i woke up one morning and thought to myself, "i really oughta pick up some Cantonese." you would not believe what happened next unless I TOLD YA. Hendery began a beautiful series where he teaches the audience some basiC aNd uSefUL Cantonese words and phrases. i 1000% belive every human should partake in this educational show. 

  • Call Me Call My Name

    5. Call Me Call My Name

    Chinese TV Show - 2021, 15 episodes


    i mean, yeah. i liked to turn this on and multitask. for me, it was less of a full-attention kinda variety show ya know. ROFLOL. nice. 



    Chinese TV Show - 2021, 4 episodes


    I must say, I had so much fun partaking in this variety show w/ my favorite INTO1 guys. I appreciated it, also, for its educational side. I liked to watched this while chilling after finishing my homework. It was so very lobely. <3 

  • Voltar

    7. Voltar

    Chinese Movie - 2022


    very smol. very short. very nice. 

  • O Dia de Se Tornar Você

    8. O Dia de Se Tornar Você

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 26 episodes


    toward the end i got a bit bored, but i, nevertheless, had a pretty good time here. the first episodes were absolute gold. i was constantly dying of laughter. i had to pause it to breath. anyway,  pretty decent, but it could've been shorter for me. :))) 

  • A Porta Para o Verão

    9. A Porta Para o Verão

    Japanese Movie - 2021


    so, i was just scrolling through netflix a day or so after i watched "Upcoming Summer" and then i seen this. i watched it with my little sister. it was a nice spring break evening. we laughed a lot and were extremely confused. but we enjoyed every moment of the confusion. sometimes confusion is a good thing. it brings our minds to a place where we are collectively confused. therefore, it brings us together in a sort of harmonious confusion. thank you.

  • Upcoming

    10. Upcoming

    Chinese Movie - 2021


    i was just chilling one fiNNNNEEEE day of spring break and decided i wanted to watch a movie. so i did. i enjoyed this. it was nice. very good, post-pool day, warm afternoon 

  • Hero

    11. Hero

    Chinese Movie - 2002


    Aha! another spring break watch. what a week. anyway, this is such a classic! how could i pass a classic up? i enjoyed this. i feel so inspired. the fighting scenes were on fleek. nice.

  • TUNA Girl

    12. TUNA Girl

    Japanese Special - 2019, 1 episode


    I- i died while watching this. this was my final watch of my spring break and mY, MY! what a way to finish it off. it was dramatic, thrilling, and quirky--to say the least. this movie has become a household meme. it means  a lot to me. this is one i will randomly turn on around the house from now on. it was a very silly film and it ignited within me such a passion for tuna. anyway, why is it a household meme for my family now? because it is quite cringy. it is the kind of movie that makes you go, "oH NOo, CRinGE." this is quite the journey, and i would advise you take it.

  • Entre a Razão e a Emoção

    13. Entre a Razão e a Emoção

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 35 episodes


    i watched this during my time at university. hmmm. nice. it was something that was nice to rest my brain on after a silly day. i lost my cool a few times during it but it was all good its just the character silly OOOF LIKE MA'AM GET A HOLD OF YA SELF. hrherfwyruyuw

  • Skate

    14. Skate

    Chinese Special - 2022, 1 episode



  • Detective A & B

    15. Detective A & B

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 26 episodes


    oof. this was... a drama. i was okay with it. but i didnt have the most amazing, heart-felt time in the world either. i loved the scene with the backpack though, and what seemed to be dORA THE EXPLORER music. 

  • O Juramento de Amor

    16. O Juramento de Amor

    Chinese Drama - 2022, 32 episodes


    well. this stressed me out so much. i had a decent time, but i WAS SO ANNOYED a loT??? UUUGGGHHHHHH. but yeah, nice :)

  • Goose Gala 2022

    17. Goose Gala 2022

    Chinese TV Show - 2022, 1 episode


    its like a normal new years eve gala, but with geese. nice. so many people i know. hEEY

  • Lucky INTO1

    18. Lucky INTO1

    Chinese TV Show - 2021, 9 episodes


    YOU know what im gonna say: i had such a good ole time obvi roflol 

  • Hospital Playlist

    19. Hospital Playlist

    Korean Drama - 2020, 12 episodes


    THIS. i love them 

  • First In Last Out

    20. First In Last Out

    Chinese TV Show - 2022, 10 episodes


    yuh lolololololololol

  • X-Fire

    21. X-Fire

    Chinese TV Show - 2015, 12 episodes



  • Back to Field : Season 5

    22. Back to Field : Season 5

    Chinese TV Show - 2021, 14 episodes


    farming life is so silly, roflol. tractors and gardening and whAt nOt. good times. 

  • Chuang 2021: After Party

    23. Chuang 2021: After Party

    Chinese TV Show - 2021, 2 episodes

  • Sky Hunter

    24. Sky Hunter

    Chinese Movie - 2017

  • The Battle at Lake Changjin

    25. The Battle at Lake Changjin

    Chinese Movie - 2021

  • Great Dance Crew

    26. Great Dance Crew

    Chinese TV Show - 2022, 10 episodes

  • Heróis

    27. Heróis

    Chinese Drama - 2022, 38 episodes

  • Youth Periplous 3

    28. Youth Periplous 3

    Chinese TV Show - 2021, 12 episodes

  • The Legendary Life of Queen Lau

    29. The Legendary Life of Queen Lau

    Chinese Drama - 2022, 36 episodes

  • Keep Running: Season 10

    30. Keep Running: Season 10

    Chinese TV Show - 2022, 12 episodes

  • Verdade

    31. Verdade

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 32 episodes

  • Guo's Summer

    32. Guo's Summer

    Chinese Drama - 2022, 12 episodes

  • 50km Taohuawu 2

    33. 50km Taohuawu 2

    Chinese TV Show - 2022, 13 episodes

  • 0,1% World

    34. 0,1% World

    Chinese Movie - 2022

  • Me Tira Daqui

    35. Me Tira Daqui

    Korean Drama - 2021, 12 episodes