Log: 2023 [With Notes]

***Spoilers galore & mature dramas/movies included***

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Just Jill 72 Jan 3, 2023
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  • Love Like a K-Drama

    1. Love Like a K-Drama

    Japanese TV Show - 2023, 12 episodes


    (Netflix)         Avg Dur:  45 min       Total = 9 hrs
    Notes:   All the girls return home to Japan.  3 of the 4 find strong love connections which made me sad for the remaining guy who ended up being labeled as Dad.  Not what he was looking for in a dating show.  The rolling credits showed the magic that would have made this show really shine...unfortunately decision to leave as snipits at end not the right choice.  Hope there is a where are they now/reunion show later on.

  • Wolf Hunting

    2. Wolf Hunting

    Korean Movie - 2022


    (Dramacool)         Total = 2 hrs 1 min
    Notes:   I have Viki VIP subscription, but it is $4.00 to rent so went to dramacool.  Very gory.  Luckily blood looked like wine so not as scary.  Seo In Guk played villain amazingly.   EVERYBODY pretty much dies.  Is that why very little character story arcs?  Too much time on gore/action/unnecessary characters.  Bad guy focus kept changing: convict, alpha, alpha's collector, alpha collector's boss.  Random blow job scene involving alpha collector's boss that made no sense being in this movie.  The blue eye?  What organizations associated w/alphas?  

    Ending - Hint of sequel w/no plans for one.  Another alpha (convict experimented on washed up on beach alive.  Sequel his revenge?

  • 30 Days

    3. 30 Days

    Korean Movie - 2023


    (Dramacool)         Total = 1 hrs 59 min
    Notes:   I have viki but it is $5.00 to rent so went to dramacool.  Buffering was super bad like every 5/10 minutes.  The humor was amazing, as well as the acting.  There was kissing but just like the theme of the movie kissing was campy.  Trying to drag the little boy into the reception had me in stiches.  

  • Music Bank

    4. Music Bank

    Korean TV Show - 1998, 1240 episodes


    (Viki)         Avg Dur:  1 hr 20 min       Total = 57 hrs 20 min
    Notes:   (episodes 1146 - 1189)     Liked this shows the groups doing their own songs rather than a survival show where the songs belong to others.  A handful of acts were painful to listen to (many of the individual singers).  Another handful lacked the musical talent I would require in a professional group.  Outfits & dancing were always on point.  Some groups did same song w/ different outfits.  Some outfits made the song better (Coup de tas).  Windmill dance was my fav.  Too many bitch girl diva faces for my taste.  Interesting groups - had a black woman & Indian woman & 1 group of senior woman & 1 performer included tap.

  • Fazendeiro Moderno

    5. Fazendeiro Moderno

    Korean Drama - 2014, 20 episodes


    (Viki)         Avg Dur:  1 hr 10 min       Total = 23 hrs 20 min
    Notes:   A mixed bag.  Soo many couples.  The band made up of multiple ages was awkward.  Too much time spent on cancer band guy & the girl who wanted nothing to do w/him.  The Noona romance was cringy due to their maturity level & looks.  She looked better w/the more mature band member.  It felt like she kept using her son to keep close to ML which irked me.  Small bits of humor.  Favorite was drummer & illegal alien. Illegal alien's not to hot makeover was really good!

    Ending - ML & FL are together.  The band had no success w/ album, they end up tuna fishing to try to make money.  Drummer's wife (illegal alien) is pregnant.

  • Vivid Romance

    6. Vivid Romance

    Korean Drama - 2017, 21 episodes


    (Dramacool)         Avg Dur:  10 min       Total =3 hrs 30 min
    Notes:  Yoon Shi Yoon looks the hottest w/shaggy hair dos & the street style clothing.  It felt like Kang Ki Young & YSY took their Ritalin & lost that goofy electric edge that I adore in both of them.  Both had glimpses of their awesome radiance.  FL actress & character wasn't likable due to her ice princess persona. The one 2 kiss was okay.  She dumps him why ? Superpowers theme kinda left in the outfield. Comedian female Kim Seul Gi made cameo appearance..loved!

    Ending - ML loses all abilities, but his life is no longer in danger.  Get's his GF back.

  • Muito Linda para Mentir

    7. Muito Linda para Mentir

    Korean Movie - 2004


    (Dramacool)         Total = 1 hrs 55 min
    Notes:   Super cute / funny.  Seen this story before.  Family loves scammer more than their son.  FL hanging on rope & ML's expressions were comical.  This movie has aged well.

  • Ghost House

    8. Ghost House

    Korean Movie - 2004


    (Dramacool)         Total = 1 hrs 
    Notes:   Did not find funny.  Thought was pretty scary.  

  • The Moon That Rises in the Day

    9. The Moon That Rises in the Day

    Korean Drama - 2023, 14 episodes


    (Viki)         Avg Dur:  1 hr 1 min       Total = 14 hrs 14 min
    Notes:   ML acting in 2 character roles - comical bad attitude idol actor & Joseon Dynasty warrior was good.  He looked better in long hair.   Chemistry not believable.  Kisses looked awkward.  FL stiff face kissing.  Had higher hopes for monk to be FL's love interest.  Brother relationship felt cringy.  Flashback scenes too repetitious & psycho father villain pretty forgettable.  The male actor has played the villain LOTS of times. 

    Ending - ML's spirit ascends/leaves actor's body.  FL chooses not to kill lover in dream.  Leads meet in FL's 20th reincarnation as HS kids on field trip.

  • Meu Irmão Me Ama Demais

    10. Meu Irmão Me Ama Demais

    Japanese Drama - 2017, 5 episodes


    My Brother Loves Me Too Much
    Dramacool)         Avg Dur:  23 min       Total =1 hrs 55 min
    Notes:    Should have watched this before movie.  It was good to get the back stories from the quick mentions of the FL's dating history.  Cinematography more amazing in this drama.  5 suitors.  Brother chased off 12 love interests.  We find out most of them are wrong for her, gay, playboys, too old, commitment phobias, etc.

  • Meu Irmão Me Ama Demais

    11. Meu Irmão Me Ama Demais

    Japanese Movie - 2017


    (Dramacool)         Total = 1 hrs 39 min
    Notes:   Chemistry!  Liked FL's BF w/ ML2's younger bro.  ML kisses FL on the neck.  Learn leads not blood related early.  Wished for more relationship scenes w/ leads like the hair washing or the bus kicking.  The subtitle translator's personal comments were soooo fun!

  • Congrats My Ex!

    12. Congrats My Ex!

    Thai Movie - 2023


    (Dramacool)         Total = 1 hrs 39 min
    Notes:   Love chemistry not totally there. Indian culture storyline really good...explained Indian wedding phases.  The actor who played ex reminded me of Bradley Cooper.  Hallmark channel like.  

  • Yu Yu Hakusho

    13. Yu Yu Hakusho

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 5 episodes


    (Netflix)         Avg Dur:  50 min       Total = 4 hrs 10 min
    Notes:    {English Dubbed}  Cgi very good.  Lots of fistacuffs.  Possessed boy character sounds & fight action were creepier than a horror movie.  Comments said manga was way better, this kinda disappointing.  Never read so thought this was pretty good.  Bad boy dies saving kid & afterlife bosses puzzled an interesting concept.  Not hyped for a season 2.

    Ending - artifacts recovered /Demons defeated.

  • Jan Dara: The Beginning

    14. Jan Dara: The Beginning

    Thai Movie - 2012


    (Dramacool)         Total = 2 hrs 17 min
    Notes:   Lots of sex scenes w/ multiple partners & nudity.  The old man w/ such beautiful woman really bothered me. It was refreshing to see new stepmom wasn't evil but actually "a good guy."  I was actually surprised that ML wasn't master's son.  Loved ML's face but his deer in the headlights look started to get old.  Not able to find sequel at this time.  

    Ending - ML & pal on train to leave home for good.  ML changed his last name to his mother's.  ML's mom (rich & beautiful) was raped by bandits, 1 of which was known / ML's dad / missing after shoot out.

  • Beijo do Paraíso

    15. Beijo do Paraíso

    Japanese Movie - 2011


    (Dramacool)         Total = 1 hrs 55 min
    Notes:    FL pretty & loved her modeling pics.  Transgender character & lots of interesting clothes.  3 intense kisses.

    Ending - ML Designer leaves FL.  3 years later she is a super model in New York.  FL finds out ML not in Paris & tracks him down in NY.  They are left kissing in his loft. 

  • Minha Amiga Tutora

    16. Minha Amiga Tutora

    Korean Movie - 2003


    (Dramacool)         Total = 1 hrs 50 min
    Notes:   Hidden Gem.  Enemies to lovers.  Lots of subtle humor & fistacuffs.  Cartoon panda w/ a hard on & FL's imagination running away w/ a brief ML initiating sex while wielding a belt & his bear abs are the only sexy bits to worry about.  Seen this story a million times but I really enjoyed this one.  Did not see the biting scene depicted on cover. 

     End scene FL tutoring ML's younger bad attitude brother...so cute funny.

  • Até Que Ele Era Legal

    17. Até Que Ele Era Legal

    Korean Movie - 2004


    (Dramacool)         Total = 1 hrs 53 min
    Notes:   Hidden Gem.  Lots of fistacuffs.  Enimies to lovers. Seemed like these two dramas together: Meteor garden & Accidentally in Love.  Adorable bunnies but handled too roughly.  FL hair in green strips at salon & FL goofy dancing at karaoke hilarious.

    Ending - 1 yr separation & ML retuns for her on 1st snow.  As credits roll we see a 5 yr old FL kissing 5 yr old ML because no else would because his dad had AIDS.  (We need more people in the world like this!)

  • Jovem Sangue Quente

    18. Jovem Sangue Quente

    Korean Movie - 2014


    (Dramacool)         Total = 2 hrs 1 min
    Notes:  Hidden Gem.  Enjoyed Lee Jong Suk's, Kim Young Kwang & Bo Ra Young's acting.  LJS had the skating pool scene, dancing in his underwear (think Tom Cruise in Risky Business) & a floor tantrum.  Lots of fistacuffs. Implied rape scene but victim's reaction was angry confidence. 2 scenes of sex ed class.  Music was very good, included some American songs.

  • Real

    19. Real

    Korean Movie - 2017


    (Dramacool)         Total = 2 hrs 17 min
    Notes:   Kim Soo Hyun was amazing actor w/ 3 different personas.  Reporter - that enters drug ring for cop / Gagster member / Millionaire - obsessed with his gangster persona & changes face to match gangster guy.  Flashbacks, persona changes, non-chronological storyline, drug war, manipulative Dr who is hiding his identity as a drug lord & revenge for a girlfriend's rape was too much.  I didn't understand any of it until reading an article.  KSH takes his clothes off in 1st 5 min of movie.  Plus 2 sex scenes him getting a blow job & him doing girlfriend from behind.  Not sure if masked scenes were him?  I thought not?   A couple kisses that were amazing looking but no feelz for me.  

  • Georae

    20. Georae

    Korean Drama - 2023, 8 episodes


    (Viki)         Avg Dur:  45min       Total = 6 hrs
    Notes:  Acting was 10/10 by all.  Female cop, her brother & her boyfriend were wasted scenes. Motivation for the anger didn't seem logical or I just didn't get.  The word friendship used a lot but no behaviors by any main warranted this label. Why didn't gambling debtor guy drop med student like a hot potato? Med student requesting gambling debtor to be killed was a bit of a surprise.  

    Ending - Victim freed (not a surprise), Med student killed (not a surprise), Gambler went to jail / served his time after victim sympathy saved him (surprised somewhat).  Victim's mom overthrew / killed head of crime ring (not a surprise). Gambling debtor hears med student's voice but keeps walking.

  • Diva da Ilha Deserta

    21. Diva da Ilha Deserta

    Korean Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    (Netflix)         Avg Dur:  1 hr 20 min       Total = 16 hrs
    Notes:    {English Dubbed}  The young actors stole the show.  The romance was too tame & not enough time spent on this.  Wanted more story w/ FL & ML2, like the ballon blowing up scene & FL reacclimating to the world.  Kinda wanted her to end up w/ML2, ML1 seemed like a ML2 rival.  1 quick kiss, 1 good subtle munching kiss followed by 2 pecks all in quick succession. ML has a fantastic heart melting smile...too bad we only experience it at the very end of the drama, Many different good songs sung by FL for real.  Auto tuned ? Her voice is pretty.  

    Ending - Bad dad commits suicide after losing family in legal suit & main family not prosecuted for identity theft.  FL becomes a famous idol singer.  

  • Vigilante

    22. Vigilante

    Korean Drama - 2023, 8 episodes


    (Dramacool)         Avg Dur:  44 min       Total = 5 hrs 52 min
    Notes:  Nam Ji Hyuk is one of my fav actors but this thriller did not give me the feels.  The fast paced plot made it hard to follow.  Too many characters w/ no back stories.  Very confused...It was hard to tell if reporter & big police officer were good.  The big guy acted like a thug but asked vigilante to believe in the law.  Saw the death & pinning the crimes on dead friend coming a mile away.  

    Ending - Corrupt police officer died but lauded as a do gooder.  Friend copy cats & dies.  Copy cat who idolizes vigilante lives.  Vigilante doesn't salute or take oath & has a steaming mad look on his face.  Season 2?  

    PS:  I have Disney Plus but this isn't on it...I would have watched it there.

  • Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon

    23. Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon

    Korean Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    (Netflix)         Avg Dur:  1 hr 10 min       Total = 18 hrs 40 min
    Notes:    {English Dubbed}  Reviews pretty bad, but maybe a bit harsh.  Villian my fav character & mom least fav.  How many times can I see her take her motorcycle helmet off.  5 kisses.  1 w/munchies, 2 pecks & 1 very weird munchies.  Tramps story n/needed.  Music seemed like something for a kids cartoon.  Loved looking @ Ong & FL had a great smile + wave.

    Ending - Villian commits suicide.  FL becomes police officer & ML proposes marriage. 

  • Ser meu Gato

    24. Ser meu Gato

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 16 episodes


    (Viki)         Avg Dur:  35 min       Total = 9 hrs 20 min
    Notes:    FL cute & only a little bit annoying.  ML skinny muscular & funny.  Good chemistry.  Transfer medicine kisses, lots of almost kisses.  Towards end many kisses, 1 w/mint leaf, 2 w/ munchis & a couple w/ nose nudging that was cute. ML love bites her ear shirtless (hot).  Loved the brown lizard & grey tabby cat.  2nd couple Princess & ML's asst not endearing.  

  • Crazy Cruise

    25. Crazy Cruise

    Japanese Movie - 2023


    (Netflix)         Total = 2 hrs 5 min
    Notes:  Leads not much chemistry. 1 pressed lip kiss & a shadow kiss pic that I did like.  Characters not enjoyable.  $ goes to maid & son tried to kill her/ change the will, why wasn't he charged?

    Ending - Magician did it.  No surprise to me.

  • Melancia Cintilante

    26. Melancia Cintilante

    Korean Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    (Viki)         Avg Dur:  70 min       Total = 18 hrs 40 min
    Notes:   Enjoyed Grandma actress.  Ha Yi Chan (band lead singer) character one of my all-time favs. Loved his singing too.  His love arc w/def girl super fascinating.   1 shower scene w/all band members.  A few pretty good cinematography moments.  Knew girl time traveled right away, no surprise.  Was surprised that we met younger characters w/out knowing about time travel yet.  3 pressed lips kisses (2 w/ leads & 1 w/ 2nd leads).  Music was pretty good.

    1.  ML doesn't change name so why do none of dad's band members & FL not remember him?
    2. What happened to Def girl's mom?

    Ending - both time travelers make it back.  Dad still had hearing loss (glad writers went this route), married to his mom & new good relationship w/ wealthy maternal grandpa reaped many life benefits in future.

  • Bad Genius

    27. Bad Genius

    Thai Movie - 2017


    (Viki)         Total = 2 hrs 10 min
    Notes:   FL2 pissed me off so bad.  Begging FL to help her as if her lack of intelligence should be FL's problem.  That is not a friend.  

    Ending = Smart boy turns corrupt by wanting to continue cheating for $ even after being caught/punished & FL returns to being honest.

  • Hora de Amar

    28. Hora de Amar

    Chinese Movie - 2015


    (Dramacool)         Total = 1 hrs 50 min
    Notes:   FL not my favorite.  Both ML's hot. 

    Ending - 4th prince shoots himself to save FL/send her back to future.  They end up meeting in park as he serves her mustard ice cream....their internal joke.  Henchman scary w/his 2 different eyes, 1 ice blue.

     Drama ends differently.  She dies alone.

  • Academia de Ótimos Homens

    29. Academia de Ótimos Homens

    Thai Drama - 2019, 8 episodes


    (DramaCool)         Avg Dur:  60 min       Total = 8 hrs
    Notes:  BL or not BL...that is the question.  This seemed like a transgender story.  FL was super annoying as a lovesick teen.  Antagonist super self-absorbed in his I hate the world attitude, so I prayed he wouldn't end up as the love winner & it was a total surprize a 2nd girl turned into a guy just for him too.  Twin girl friends adorable.  ML & ML2 kiss @ end.  Was really hoping FL returned in end, but was disappointed. ML does say he wants to go back to being a girl. Was ML2 gay & accepted ML or was he glad ML was a FL?  Loved "The Shining" twin girls pic on sweatshirt.  The subtitlers added their comments....totally hilarious.  Subtitles were a bit too fast I struggled to read.

  • Saitama no Host

    30. Saitama no Host

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 8 episodes


    Saitama Host Club
    (Netflix)         Avg Dur:  30 min       Total = 2 hrs
    Notes:    The FL role was a cold faced / warm hearted consultant &her abrasive personality was totally unlikable to me.  Music feels like I've heard it a million times already.

  • O Anjo ao Meu Lado

    31. O Anjo ao Meu Lado

    Thai Drama - 2020, 12 episodes


    (YouTube_GMMTV Official)         Avg Dur:  1 hr 5 min       Total = 13 hrs
    Notes:  The chemistry between leads was more fun than flirty.  Only 1 kiss at end but camera stopped rolling right as lips started to touch. Kept wondering if ML is gay/bi in real life.  Loved ML & character.  FL very pretty.  Crying acting was really good.  FL's mom pissed me off as a super bad mom. Plot twists: [1] Devil loves FL (kinda saw that coming but him showing up inside apt total shock).  [2] FL in coma not a shock.  [3] Girl angel actually Luke (kinda saw that coming). [4]   It is possible ML's assistant left ML on earth on purpose so he could take ML's Lord position. Angel who falls for baking girl total waste of camera time. Loved the multi-colored wood pier & ML's "Cute but Crazy" T-shirt.  CGI on the low-quality side but enjoyable.  PP was in your face.  Timing of subtitles w/ actors' mouths was totally Un synced last few episodes.

    Ending - after returning to heaven to accept his "Lord" title ML decides to be born as human to be w/ Lin who has no memory of him. ML is pursuing her as credits role.  Devil n/killed....but where did he go?  No punishment?

  • Não Me Ame

    32. Não Me Ame

    Korean Movie - 2006


    (Dramacool)         Total = 1 hrs 59 min
    Notes:   Liked the FL.  ML actor did a great job but didn't really love the actor.  Loved the last image of large tree in a landscape of snow.  

    Ending - sad. ML knifed & FL dies in her house probably due to grief & never gets surgery.

    Korean drama ends differently.  ML stabbed by bestie to save his love, ML survives & FL gets some of her sight back.  FL meets ML @ cafe  & they discuss starting anew.

  • Drama Special Season 14: Confession Attack

    33. Drama Special Season 14: Confession Attack

    Korean Special - 2023, 1 episode


    (Viki)         Total = 1 hrs 5 min
    Notes:    The tap dancing routine was pure enjoyment & a total surprise.

  • Suunjapbang

    34. Suunjapbang

    Korean Special - 2023, 1 episode


    Joseon Chefs
    (Viki)         Total = 1 hrs 5 min
    Notes:    The actors were likable & seemed to be of B+ quality.  Undertones of 2 gay cooks but ending story said ML's grandson finished his cookbook.

  • Drama Special Season 14: Why Did the Lady Give Meat to Madangsoi?

    (Viki)         Total = 1 hrs 5 min
    Notes:    More seasoned actors.  Lack of communication causes married couple to imagine the worst.

  • Drama Special Season 14: Heat Wave Advisory

    36. Drama Special Season 14: Heat Wave Advisory

    Korean Special - 2023, 1 episode


    (Viki)         Total = 1 hrs 5 min
    Notes:   The Actors were very likeable and understated.  How can relatives be so cruel when a boy loses his mom?  

  • Drama Special Season 14: TV Cinema - Shadow Confession

    37. Drama Special Season 14: TV Cinema - Shadow Confession

    Korean Special - 2023, 1 episode


    (Viki)         Total = 1 hrs 5 min
    Notes:    Liked actors and their acting was good.  2 boys realizing their love for each other was heartwarming.  Female friend a strong & smart girl.  

    Ending - FL marries sick gay friend & he dies very shortly after.

  • Drama Special Season 14: We Were There

    38. Drama Special Season 14: We Were There

    Korean Special - 2023, 1 episode


    (Viki)         Total = 1 hrs 5 min
    Notes:   Acting was okay, but not much talking.  Emotions seemed limited.  Bullying in school & helping those in need was it's focus.

  • Drama Special Season 14: Do Hyun's Confession

    39. Drama Special Season 14: Do Hyun's Confession

    Korean Special - 2023, 1 episode


    (Viki)         Total = 1 hrs 5 min
    Notes:   Wasn't feeling the romance.  FL looked like Song Joong Ki.

  • Drama Special Season 14: Half a Lie

    40. Drama Special Season 14: Half a Lie

    Korean Special - 2023, 1 episode


    (Viki)         Total = 1 hrs 5 min
    Notes:   Child actors focused.  Adorable girls.  Love how smart they are.

    Ending - Grandpa visits class as an astronaut.  FL posts bad review of her dad, but he smiles & is proud of her this confused me. 

    Missing cast on MDL = Oh Dong Min (father) & Lee Jang Woo (Father's boss) / Kim Won Hae (Grandpa) - submitted request

  • Drama Special Season 14: Overlap Knife, Knife

    41. Drama Special Season 14: Overlap Knife, Knife

    Korean Special - 2023, 1 episode


    (Viki)         Total = 1 hrs 5 min
    Notes:   With so few characters in a special the stalker as son was obvious.

    Ending - In the present Mom & Dad kill themselves to save son.  

  • Drama Special Season 14: The Extreme Night

    42. Drama Special Season 14: The Extreme Night

    Korean Special - 2023, 1 episode


    (Viki)         Total = 1 hrs 5 min
    Notes:   Wasn't a fan of story or characters.  

    Ending - corrupt boss framed for additional crime & ML's BF died?

  • Ballerina

    43. Ballerina

    Korean Movie - 2023


    (Netflix)         Total = 1 hrs 32 min
    Notes:   {English Dubbed}  The female version of "John Wick."  Liked the FL but couldn't tell if her character was gay or not.  Lots of gore, luckily all the really bad stuff (rape, S&M, etc) was implied, no visuals.  Lots of comments on cinematography.  Fighting although far-fetched felt real.  Loved when boss said he wanted to talk to her & she just shot him...no time to waste.  Music was really good.

  • Triple Fling

    44. Triple Fling

    Korean Drama - 2019, 8 episodes


    (Dramacool)         Avg Dur:  8 min       Total = 1 hrs 4 min
    Notes:   Multiple choice & a FL that can't choose between them.  3 endings 1 for each guy & she kisses all 3.  The bookworm, the music producer, & the antisocial brooding male leads. Liked Da hun the best.  The 2 girls really hard to tell apart.

  • Triple Fling Season 2

    45. Triple Fling Season 2

    Korean Drama - 2019, 8 episodes

    ***On Dramacool w/ no subtitles***

  • Osama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi

    46. Osama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 10 episodes


    Kissing the Ring Finger        
    (Viki)         Avg Dur:  47 min       Total = 7 hrs 50 min
    Notes:    Too much apologizing like many other Japanese dramas.  ML's Mom was very pretty, but her toxic behavior towards stepson a bit creepy.  Pomeranian mix adorable.

    Ending - Remarry after 10 months & divorce.  Step brother on "Battler" show (aka the Bachelor in USA)

  • Final Do Outono

    47. Final Do Outono

    Korean Movie - 2011


    (DramaCool)         Total = 1 hrs 55 min
    Notes:    Must have enjoyed it because the lack of details pertaining to her story caused lots of frustration.  Very little dialogue but mostly all English.  WOW that kiss! Mostly long & deep but with some short pecks mixed in.  What was the paper FL signed?  What happened between her & her childhood friend?  Was ML convicted?  Prison sentence term?

    Ending - 2 years after they meet she is waiting for him @ cafe like they agreed.  He was still in jail framed for one of his clients murder by her husband.  

  • The Actress Is Too Much

    48. The Actress Is Too Much

    Korean Movie - 2014


    (DramaCool)         Total = 1 hrs 35 min
    Notes:    One sex scene w/ supporting F & supporting M.  F nude & the act had only 1/2 body in camera view focusing on her bum.  1 kiss between leads that was okay.  The double story wasn't well executed, in fact I didn't know everyone thought supporting actress was playing FL in the play during the pole dance scene.

  • Forbidden Quest

    49. Forbidden Quest

    Korean Movie - 2006


    (DramaCool)         Episodes:  3        Total = 2 hrs  19 min
    Notes:   Nudity brief & only in drawings.  A few bits of cute mild humor & a couple gore scenes.

    Ending - Artist & book seller visit author who lives on island alone w/ his forehead burn mark.  They talk about writing a male loves male mixed w/ torture.

  • Drunk in Good Taste

    50. Drunk in Good Taste

    Korean Special - 2018, 10 episodes


    (DramaCool)         Episodes:  2        Avg Dur:  1 hour 15 min       Total = 2 hrs 30 min
    Notes:    FL so little compared to ML.  Three awkward pressed lip kisses.  This was a total mess, but I still liked it.  Leads were cute.  Sister had 2 love rivals too, but she wasn't interested in either guy.

  • I Am Not a Robot

    51. I Am Not a Robot

    Korean Drama - 2019, 12 episodes


    (DramaCool)         Avg Dur:  12 min       Total = 2 hrs 24 min
    Notes:   Cold FL not very likable.  Actor that played robot very convincing as one.  Queer baiting when buying a pink hat & showing interest in a boy classmate.  

    Ending - FL sees robot in kitchen.  He either had memory wiped or sent somewhere for no contact w/ FL, so not sure what she sees in kitchen.

  • You Are My Sunshine

    52. You Are My Sunshine

    Korean Movie - 2005


    (DramaCool)         Total = 2 hrs  3 min
    Notes:   Dropped this 1x then picked it back up.  The love story is heartwarming.  I cried during ML's visitation to FL in prison.  Open question:  did he get AIDS?  

  • A Família Kodai

    53. A Família Kodai

    Japanese Movie - 2016


    (DramaCool)         Total = 1 hrs  56 min
    Notes:   Hidden Gem.  Very well written.  Leads looked pretty together but didn't feel the sparks.  ML very handsome.  Looked like sometimes eyes were not blue.  Foreigner role not so bad.  Seeing the stories in her head / the ML being able to see them was very interesting. Younger sister actress pretty.

    Ending - FL goes to London to be w/ML.

  • Our Heaven

    54. Our Heaven

    Korean Movie - 2013


    (DramaCool)         Total = 1 hrs  39 min
    Notes:   CRIED ALOT.  Giggled too.   Artfully written sad humor.  Song at the end "Jump" was catchy good.

    Ending - Drummer dies before concert but thankfully writers show him as making it as the main lead.  We see the main lead looking at in annual pics up to 7 years later w/ different band members including him.  

  • Produce 101: Season 2

    55. Produce 101: Season 2

    Korean TV Show - 2017, 11 episodes


    (DramaCool)         Avg Dur:  2 hrs 40 min       Total = 36 hrs 40 min
    Notes:    Wanna One (2 year contract).  "Pick Me" theme song addictively hooky good.

    01.  Kang Daniel (Lee Min Ho look alike)
    02.  Park Ji Hoon (Actor - Weak Class Hero)
    03.  Lee Dae Hwi (very 1st center)
    04.  Kim Jae Hwan (Guitar?)
    05.  Ong Seong Wu (Actor - More Than Friends)
    06.  Park Woo Jin (Deep Red hair, F to A)
    07.  Lai Kuan Lin (Showed team around Cube Entertainment)
    08.  Yoon Ji Sung (personality plus, looks like Yoon Shi Yoon)
    09.  Hwang Min Hyun (Actor - Alchemy of Souls)
    10.  Bae Jin Young (looked @ floor)
    11.  Kim Jong Hyeon (Not memorable)

    *  Baekho & Samuel were on my wish list.  Probably would have changed out #10 & #11 for them.

  • Diga "Eu te amo"

    56. Diga "Eu te amo"

    Japanese Movie - 2014


    (DramaCool)         Total = 1 hrs  43 min
    Notes:   Leads had no 'it factor."  Boring story & FL was nauseating.  No way most popular guy would like her that much so soon.  Ooches of dead pan smooches.  No chemistry at all.

    Ending - ML gives up modeling for FL.  Limiting his world for a girl is not okay with me.

  • Eu Amo Minha Irmã mais Nova

    57. Eu Amo Minha Irmã mais Nova

    Japanese Movie - 2007


    (DramaCool)         Total = 2 hrs  2 min
    Notes:   Wasn't grossed out but wasn't cool w/ it either.  Lots of dead space in dialogue. 

  • Knights of the Zodiac

    58. Knights of the Zodiac

    Japanese Movie - 2023


    (Netflix)         Total = 1 hrs  52 min
    Notes: CGI was good...kinda like Clash of the Titans newest version but not as good.  Acting not that great.  Mackenyu has his shirt off at end kinda hot.  

    Ending - FL says lets go find your sister & Phoenix thinking/clutching his necklace.  Also a mention of gathering the knights to fight a bigger evil.

  • A Arte da Sedução

    59. A Arte da Sedução

    Korean Movie - 2005


    (Viki)         Total = 1 hrs  40 min
    Notes:   Needed more humor & sexual tension.  Loved the Joseon fight scene, ML looked better w/long hair.  I couldn't tell if they were together in the end or not.  Most likely yes.

  • The 8-Year Engagement

    60. The 8-Year Engagement

    Japanese Movie - 2017


    (DramaCool)         Total = 1 hrs  59 min
    Notes:   Based on true story.  ML character super adorable w/his messages to FL while in coma.  

  • Seoul Searching

    61. Seoul Searching

    Korean Movie - 2016


    (DramaCool)         Total = 1 hrs  45 min
    Notes:   Based on true story.  During Korean war mass exodus meaning whole generation unfamiliar w/ Korean culture.  Gov't set up education camps that failed.  Loved the campiness vibe & all the 80's references.  It takes me back.  Actors used almost all foreign Koreans.  Very strong cursing.  Alot of English used.  Music all American 80's...loved.

  • Não Esqueça Que Eu Te Amo

    62. Não Esqueça Que Eu Te Amo

    Chinese Movie - 2022


    (DramaCool)         Total = 2 hrs 6 min
    Notes:   SAD & cute.  About 8 kisses, all good.  The sister removing his reminders to erase therapist pissed me off.  Song used to connect the lovers not impactful melody wise but lyrics were.  Delightfully surprised that the opening scene was really the end scene, never saw that coming.

    Ending - FL dies but baby is saved.  ML is taking him around town at age about age 2 or 3.

  • A Christmas Carol

    63. A Christmas Carol

    Korean Movie - 2022


    (DramaCool)         Total = 2 hrs 11 min
    Notes:   Very dark!  Park Jin Young as the mentally handicapped twin was AMAZING.  Sorry to say I saw the murderer a mile away.  The story is very heart wrenching.  

    Ending - Teacher in jail, ML & his twin bro's friend out of jail, smoking on a roof top singing x-mas song.

  • Discipline Z: Vampire

    64. Discipline Z: Vampire

    Korean Drama - 2020, 6 episodes


    (DramaCool)         Avg Dur:  20 min       Total = 2 hrs
    Notes:    Gay content threw me off.  Bordered on looking like a college project.  Lots of English some hard to understand due to heavy Korean accent.  A few Non-Asian roles.  Hooded immortal never revealed.  There is no Vampire...translation issue?  Music noticeably good.

    Ending - kids memories erased, immortal saved from evil pharmaceutical co employee's daughter.

  • Discipline

    65. Discipline

    Korean Drama - 2018, 6 episodes

    ***Not able to find at this time***

  • I Are You, You Am Me

    66. I Are You, You Am Me

    Japanese Movie - 1982


    Transfer Student
    (DramaCool)         Total = 1 hrs 53 min
    Notes:   Has the pervy vibe.  Start & finish in black & white.  

  • Bounty Hunters

    67. Bounty Hunters

    Chinese Movie - 2016


    (DramaCool)         Total = 2 hrs 5 min
    Notes:  Wallace Chung in a humor role was gold.  Lee Min Ho action fighting was good, surprisingly...because of Tiffany Tang?  Her skills super good.  Bad guy actor/character only one that didn't translate.  3 lack luster kisses.  Romance felt 1/2 hearted.  Cliff house beautiful.

    Ending - All bounty hunters now in North pole for a client.

  • Passeio na Primavera Azul

    68. Passeio na Primavera Azul

    Japanese Movie - 2014


    (DramaCool)         Total = 2 hrs 5 min
    Notes:   Actors pretty.  Memorized by ML masculine hands (bony muscular).  Relationship of ML to mom & overcoming his depression not that interesting although for the age group this targets might be a good "I am not alone" story, especially for someone experiencing parent death depression. 3 pretty good kisses between leads & 1 quick lip kiss between FL & ML2.

    Ending - Friend group asleep together on back of bus.  Adorable.

  • Tão Jovem

    69. Tão Jovem

    Chinese Movie - 2013


    (DramaCool)         Total = 2 hrs 10 min
    Notes:   So Young ,,,Sooo Bad.  No happiness for any of the students/ all doom & gloom.  FL was super unlikable.  Too aggressive & crass.

    Ending - ML2 reveals their parents had an affair that is why he left college. He returns as adult but FL told him to be w/psycho.  Architect returns from USA & asks to start over.  I think she says no.  

  • Minha Esposa se Casou

    70. Minha Esposa se Casou

    Korean Movie - 2008


    (DramaCool)         Total = 1 hrs 59 min
    Notes:    FL character was selfish & set my ager meter to the max.  I thought this would be an opportunity to show woman's rights in a positive gender swap way.  Nope.  However, ML forced FL to except his way of thinking when he was clearly told by FL she wants an open relationship.

    Ending - all 4 @ a soccer match together happy.

  • Kissing Cousin

    71. Kissing Cousin

    Korean Movie - 2016


    (DramaCool)         Total = 1 hrs 43 min
    Notes:  Liked the actors, & story but just too slow.  Not enough dialogue.  Wanted to see more tugging between feelings of love & taboo.  I am okay w/ them being together.  

    Ending - They hug at airport before reporting to each of their commitments.  

  • Artista

    72. Artista

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 6 episodes


    (DramaCool)         Avg Dur:  25 min       Total = 2 hrs 30 min
    Notes:    The dialogue was normal paced, not slow which was good. The little boy that gets murdered by abusive boyfriend is so sad/upsetting, but in real world more likely the truth.  Missing more episodes?  Into never seen as an episode.

  • Sunset in My Hometown

    73. Sunset in My Hometown

    Korean Movie - 2018


    (AsianCrush)       Total = 2 hrs 3 min
    Notes:   Lots of Rap.  Beginning was interesting, thought it would be about his rap journey, but then went to his relationship w/dad & hometown.  Meddlesome FL angered me & story lost on me.  Cinematography beautiful....mud flat, grave hillside, sunset.

    Ending - ML's dad died & leads got married.  Bollywood ending....all cast members dancing at wedding...& a cute final kiss.

  • Konya, Sekai Kara Kono Koi ga Kietemo

    74. Konya, Sekai Kara Kono Koi ga Kietemo

    Japanese Movie - 2022


    (DramaCool)       Total = 2 hrs 1 min
    Notes:   SAD version of "50 First Dates."  I cried from the heart.  FL2 crying scene amazing!  Fireworks really good & 1 kiss that was just shadows.

  • Minha história de amor!

    75. Minha história de amor!

    Japanese Movie - 2015


    (DramaCool)       Total = 97 min
    Notes:   Totally memorable in a good way.  A little hard to swallow that ML never noticed FL's crush nor that anyone didn't spill the beans.  A bit too much screaming.  Seemed to be an undertone ML2 might like ML romantically.  Saran wrap on face a bit scary,

  • Doona!

    76. Doona!

    Korean Drama - 2023, 9 episodes


    (Netflix)         Avg Dur:  50 min       Total = 7 hrs 30 min
    Notes:   { English Dubbed}  The acting was good but the smoking was too excessive.  The Manager character just seemed off.  I felt like this was made just to get screenshots of Bae Suzy.  2 weird kisses that camera never seemed to catch & then bam...2 munching, backed against a wall kisses w/good camera. 2nd couple also had okay kiss.  Enjoyed their dynamic.

    Ending:  Open - Leads met at airport after being broken up for a # of years.  Not sure if they got back together.  

  • Viva Novamente, Ame Novamente

    77. Viva Novamente, Ame Novamente

    Korean Movie - 2018


    (Viki)       Total = 97 min
    Notes:   Luckily this was short.  The idea was interesting, but the acting & production was not good.  Music wasn't alluring either.  In the end I wasn't sure if girl died by jumping off bridge or illness.  Who were those deaf/soldier people?  There really wasn't an ending.

  • Hip

    78. Hip

    Korean Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    (Netflix)         Avg Dur:  1 hr 5 min       Total = 17 hrs 20 min
    Notes:   { Englisg Dubbed}  Oddball comedy.  Loved it for it's humor, music, & who done it not being obvious.  ML2 didn't really wow me.  FL character not communicating & appeared dumb, not how a Dr would be, so a bit frustrating.  Serial killer actor surprised me w/ hi skills.  His make-up was too distracting, vampire look intentional?  Homages to Twenty-Five Twenty-One odd.  Only a hint of romance but didn't really miss it because leads relationship was interesting.  Awesome music.

    Ending - Serial killer in jail, ML goes back to Seoul.  FF 8 years - FL enters jail to help ML out w/ his case. It's solved so they go eat.

  • O Anfitrião Vampiro

    79. O Anfitrião Vampiro

    Japanese Drama - 2004, 12 episodes


    (DramaCool)         Avg Dur:  25 min       Total = 5 hrs
    Notes:   Cheesy like Godzilla.  Interesting though.  Stories of killers like Grim Reaper, Invisible man but they were human.  Vampire real.  Needed more romance.  All that flirting  came to nothing.  Special effects & video quality very poor.  

    Ending - ML vampire kills his ex-girlfriend.  FL begs ML to make her a vampire after his ex cut off a leg.  Not sure if he did.  MLbit her neck but FL goes to school in crutches.  If vampire she should have healed.

  • Flor de Vampiro

    80. Flor de Vampiro

    Korean Drama - 2014, 6 episodes


    (DramaCool)         Avg Dur:  10 min       Total = 1 hrs
    Notes:    Interesting story.  Acting was a meh from ML.  FL & rival was really good.  1 good kiss.  Needs a sequel.  Loved the idea of portraits of home a portals.

    Ending - cliffhanger - Vampire pretending to be good is the Lord but vows to kill everyone 1 by 1.  Flower never explained or found.  ML watching little girl...I think FL as a kid?

  • Amor à Flor da Pele

    81. Amor à Flor da Pele

    Hong Kong Movie - 2000


    (DramaCool)       Total = 1 hr 38 min
    Notes:   Too slow for my taste & I just didn't get it.  Loved the FL outfits.  

  • Under Your Bed

    82. Under Your Bed

    Japanese Movie - 2019


    (DramaCool)       Total = 1 hr 59 min
    Notes:   Very dark & not for everyone.  Marital rape scenes & domestic violence a bit hard to stomach, but the rawness draws you in.  Domestic violence happens but it's usually hidden. The stalker only had good intentions, although mentally messed up.

    Ending - stalker kills/strangles knife wielding husband & turns himself into police.  FL finally remembers his name & shouts it out in the end as he confesses.

  • House of Flying Daggers

    83. House of Flying Daggers

    Chinese Movie - 2004


    (DramaCool)       Total = 1 hr 59 min
    Notes:   Trying to figure out why I liked it so much.  Both male leads creeped me out.  ML2 attempted to rape FL @ brothel & is a philanderer, but she falls in love with him?  Even more weird is that ML2 character was still likable.  ML comes onto her when showing her a torture device & then tries to rape her in the forest when he realizes she loves ML2.  ML & FL actors about 20 years apart.  FL beautiful.  Cinematography very pretty.  Music was okay.

    Ending - Sad.  ML kills FL.  FL dies by pulling out dagger ML threw in her chest in order to save ML2.  ML walking away in snow storm & ML2 holding FL's body crying.

  • O Romance de Hua Rong 2

    84. O Romance de Hua Rong 2

    Chinese Drama - 2022, 24 episodes


    (Viki)         Avg Dur:  45 min       Total = 18 hrs
    Notes:   FL was a bit taxing to watch because she is selfish & immature.  The baby talk was somewhat annoying.  ML's nervous scoffing smile a bit over used, but his angry stare is gold.  Lots of different kinds of kissing.  1 in clouds the best of all.  A few very pretty scenery shots.  2 other couples likable.  Bro & pirate + underling & princess.  A few cute moments like pirate tying legs together & bro helping himself to grape.  Appreciated twists that I did not see coming - love rivals brothers, king was being impersonated, FL knew ML's bro thru pen pal letters.

    Ending - Leads back home on island. FL very pregnant, bro & dad healthy, underling passed civil servant test, bro & pirate married.

  • O Romance de Hua Rong

    85. O Romance de Hua Rong

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 24 episodes


    (Viki)         Avg Dur:  45 min       Total = 18 hrs
    Notes:  FL too much whiny baby talk (it ruined the drama). All crying scenes were pathetically awful & too plentiful. 2 pretty good short kiss scenes. 1 as he carried her & 1 at end on ship. Happy ending. 3 couples formed & 1 single guy. All the same actors in season 2.

  • Chihayafuru: Kami no Ku

    86. Chihayafuru: Kami no Ku

    Japanese Movie - 2016


    (DramaCool)       Total = 1 hr 51 min
    Notes:   Couldn't really understand the game.  Has sequel movies but I am dropping them since I couldn't connect to story or actors.

  • Cavaleiro dos Sonhos

    87. Cavaleiro dos Sonhos

    Korean Drama - 2015, 12 episodes


    (Netflix)         Avg Dur:  13 min       Total = 2 hrs 36 min 
    Notes:    Idols acting skills not bad.  1 pressed lips kiss.  Liked the magical element of the dolls coming to life a lot.  Intro segment of female in red dress being surrounded by princes, like in a fairy tale was delightful.  Actors from GOT7.  Music & dancing was okay.

    Ending - FL lives.  All her dolls disappear.  FF a year - JB w/his matching red sneakers appears in front of FL.

  • Menina Do Guarda-Volume

    88. Menina Do Guarda-Volume

    Korean Movie - 2015


    (DramaCool)       Total = 1 hr 50 min
    Notes:   A lot of A list stars, but characters not good.  Didn't get meaning trying to convey.  

    Ending - Everyone is dead except FL & she has inherited "her Mother's" business.

  • Um Tempo Chamado Você

    89. Um Tempo Chamado Você

    Korean Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    (Netflix)         Avg Dur:  60 min       Total = 12 hrs 
    Notes:    {English Dubbed}  Dubbing was okay.  Liked this version but not as much as original.  Story essentially the same w/a few differences.  Time loops - memories remained & futures/pasts changed from events.  2 short kisses w/no munching - 1 shot in darkness quickly. 

    • 1998 - SiHeon is 18 & meets 36 yr old JunHee in MinJu's body
    • JunHee travels back & forth multiple times using music/player.
    • 2002 - SiHeon in bus accident @ age 22.  His soul travels to 2007 to take 18 yr old YeonJun's body who died in car accident.  He lives as YeonJun (2007 - future) & woos FL at college because he remembers her.
    • 2022 - YeonJun dies in plane crash so SiHeon's soul goes back to 2022 to his original 22 yr old body in a coma from bus accident.

    Cinematography quite beautiful - mountains, flower fields etc.  Music was good, but not as mesmerizing as original OST.

    Ending -  Murderer arrested in his own body 2023.  Tape & player destroyed so all memories were wiped out.  However, leads met on a bus & we see they feel something, 2nd leads sitting on a bench together being friendly, so they didn't die.

  • My Dearest Part 2

    90. My Dearest Part 2

    Korean Drama - 2023, 11 episodes


    Ending - King orders & ML's father + FL's ex- crush carry out ML's death.  King dies & ML's father hangs himself.  Old man saves ML, but all think he is dead.  FL goes to look for his grave & finds him alive in a place they dreamed of building together, however his memories are mostly gone.  On a sunset beach she helps him remember her. 

  • Lovers

    91. Lovers

    Korean Drama - 2023, 10 episodes


    (DramaCool)         Avg Dur:  1 hrs 20 min       Total = 13 hrs 20 min
    Notes:   Uses historical facts from Qing Dynasty invasion but isn't heavy handed w/the political details.  Acting is phenomenal from leads.  Dislike frequency & duration of FL's surprised look.  FL actress makes immaturity / insolence not taxing to watch.  ML's character is riveting.  FL2's character is soo warm/likable.  1 disappointing pressed lip kiss.  Surprise #1- Why ML2 didn't marry FL + still wants to keep her.  Surprise #2-Thought ML's buddy was going to be a love rival for FL but surprise he's into ML.   Surprise #3-ML3's singing is awe-inspiring.  All the music in this is hauntingly beautiful.

  • Sorrowful Nedera

    92. Sorrowful Nedera

    Japanese Movie - 2021


    (DramaCool)       Total = 1 hr 54 min
    Notes:   CREEPY.  Starts out normal then wham kid's personality goes 180 degrees, husband has taxidermized dead rabbit & a bunch of naked drawings of himself /family.  We think little girl kills her classmate.  Age gap characters FL = 26 & ML 41 / Real life FL = 28 ML= 39

    Ending - Leads kill all the kids in the school w/an insulin aka vaccination shot.

  • Pachinko

    93. Pachinko

    Korean Drama - 2022, 8 episodes


    (DramaCool)         Avg Dur:  54 min       Total = 7 hrs 12 min
    Notes:  Slow. Jumping around made story hard to understand.  The grandson & his stepsister story not relatable.  Story should have focused on FL & stories related to her.  Super enjoyed the pastor & 7-year-old son characters/actors.  Lee min Ho's acting was unusually entertaining. FL had only 1 look, dejected face (intentional?) Lots of facts given too.  Interviews w/real survivors interesting.  Cinematography was inspirational. 4 season's planned so hopefully the criticism's will improve this series.

  • Someday or One Day: The Movie

    94. Someday or One Day: The Movie

    Taiwanese Movie - 2022


    (DramaCool)       Total = 2 hr 1 min
    Notes:   Not a sequel but a 2nd time loop w/ more questions.  My mind is trying to fit into the drama's storyline.  Greg HSU is even more handsome.   FL had no response to seeing her double, which was a huge red flag.  Wasn't a fan of FL's boss, but the twist plot associated w/him was amazing.  Music brought story to life.

    Ending - Tape destroyed by CYR & WRQ.....HYX  in bed w/ LZW, CYR meets MJJ @ a music place & the boss meets a different girl @ work who likes same music.

  • Lembre-se

    95. Lembre-se

    Korean Movie - 2022


    (Viki)       Total = 2 hr 8 min
    Notes:   Not my fav genre but I appreciated the good story telling & mild action.  Fighting looked fake but not to much of it.  Hand shake between the 2 leads was adorable.  It tickles me to think of Nam Joo Hyuk working in a TGI Friday's.  

    Ending - Old man killer is in jail & young friend visits him. Old man can't remember him?  Smirks in his cell alone after visit.

  • Kekkon Yoteibi

    96. Kekkon Yoteibi

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 8 episodes


    The Date Of Marriage
    (Viki)         Avg Dur:  24 min       Total = 3 hrs 12 min
    Notes:   Only actor didn't like was FL, but liked her character.  ML's steaminess was okay.  About 6 kisses, 1 with a chocolate + lip munching.  2 fantastic songs.

    Ending - ML returns from abroad to marry FL.  

  • Previsão de Amor

    97. Previsão de Amor

    Korean Movie - 2015


    (DramaCool)       Total = 2 hr 1 min
    Notes:   FL didn't have "it" factor & chemistry between leads was lack luster.  She kept hitting him which got old fast.

    Ending - ML confesses his love to friend on a "Drop Zone" amusement park ride. They are a couple now.

  • Just Friends?

    98. Just Friends?

    Korean Movie - 2009


    (DramaCool)       Total = 29 min
    Notes:   Yeon Woo Jin was super-hot in army dress.  Was sure how I would feel watching my favorite actors in a gay relationship.  They were amazing.  The kissing was sooo heated, it took me by surprise.  They dressed in drag & danced too, also amazing.  

    Ending - Their relationship continues as Lee Je Hoons character is now in Army.

  • Moekare wa Orenji-iro

    99. Moekare wa Orenji-iro

    Japanese Movie - 2022


    (DramaCool)       Total = 1 hr  37 min
    Notes:   All the main support actors & leads were tall/good looking.  The little boy actor was super enjoyable.  

    Ending -  HS graduates.  Firefighter accepts HS girl as girlfriend & a career as a 1st responder.

  • Kabukichô: O Hotel do Amor

    100. Kabukichô: O Hotel do Amor

    Japanese Movie - 2015


    (DramaCool)       Total = 2 hr  15 min
    Notes:   No story just a bunch of characters & their situations for being at a "by the hour" hotel.  Movie tackled characters in a positive way. Low seedy factor. The runaway with ADHD found her hero who came back for her w/chicken nuggets, maid's statue of limitations expired so she is free.  Nudity woman's breasts.  

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