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Wi Ha Joon's next K-drama will possibly be a romance genre.

On October 3, media outlet Star News shared an exclusive report revealing that Wi Ha Joon will be joining Jung Ryeo Won in the upcoming K-drama Graduation

Wi Ha Joon's agency hasn't responded to the exclusive report.

Graduation will tell the story of academy instructors at Daechi-dong, the epitome of private education. It will tell about the romance between a man and a woman who became a couple while they were studying, get reunited years later as academy instructors.

The upcoming K-drama will be the next work of director Ahn Pan Seok, the man behind the popular romance K-dramas One Spring Night, Something in the Rain, Secret Love Affair, and more. 

Wi Ha Joon got the offer to play the role of Lee Joon Ho. He is a typical Daechi-dong student who received an elite plaque and got the full support of the academy. He is popular in school for his great looks and amazing personality. Despite his popularity, his eyes are fixed on the academy teacher who remains his first love even after becoming an adult.

Jung Ryeo Won on the other hand got the offer to play the role of Lee Joon Ho's first love. 

The production team of Graduation has not revealed its exact airing date and broadcast channel.

Wi Ha Joon is currently starring in the Disney+ original K-drama The Worst of Evil with Ji Chang Wook, Im Se Mi, Bae Myung Jin, Dok Go Young Jae, and Choi Baek Sun

If Wi Ha Joon officially confirms his casting for Graduation, this will be his fourth upcoming K-drama. The actor is also set to star in the series Gyeongseong Creature, Squid Game Season 2, Que Sera, Sera, and he will make a special cameo appearance in Shark 2: The Storm

Wi Ha Joon became more known not only in Korea but all over the world after being part of the hit Netflix original K-drama Squid Game. Since then, the actor hasn't starred in a romance genre. If Wi Ha Joon confirms, Graduation will be his first-ever leading role in a romantic comedy K-drama. 


Do you think Wi Ha Joon will have great chemistry with Jung Ryeo Won in Graduation?