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All Boys High is a hilarious youth drama about an all-boys school. Each episode makes you laugh until your stomach hurts! The expressions they make are always so funny and endearing. This is a great drama to watch when you want to feel better. :) This show was so well written, and each episode flowed so well, I feel that it should either be made into a full-length series or just have five more seasons with the same short length episodes. The two leads are members of a k-pop/rock group called N.Flying; they make great original styled pop music with hints of rock.

WHY is a about a group of twenty-somethings that go on vacation to Jeju island. This fun and youthful drama that has a strong summer feel is one of the best romance web-dramas I've seen. The multiple couples and friendships are all sweet and interesting to watch play out. Now that it's springtime and we're all ready for good weather, this is the perfect time for a summer drama.

Secret Message is a series that most of us have seen if you were on DramaFever in the past. T.O.P. of Bigbang plays the ML is this co-production between Korea and Japan. The series was beautifully shot and was really interesting to watch. The plot is not something that you typically see in shows as the couple speaks two different languages and can only communicate through an app.

Govengers is a hilarious superpower fueled drama. A group of mismatched friends stumble across an old phone that gives them powers. They maneuver through their high school life with their superpowers and come across many problems, making their friendships stronger. This drama has members of the Kpop group THE MAN BLK.

Aftermath is about a high school student who can see death. After an accident, he wakes up in the hospital seeing everyone with strange-looking faces. People who have blue eyes plan to commit murder, and people with red eyes are going to be victims. The plot is really interesting, and I'd love to see a full series of this kind of plot. It's different from the typical ghost-seeing ML. The miniseries itself isn't very good, but the plot is intriguing.

Ghostderlla is such an amazingly made series. I'm surprised that it had such a high-quality storyline, actors, and great camera work. A young man wakes up to find himself dead with no memory of who he is or how he died.  To figure out his past, he finds the FL and asks her to help him. The short series ends on a cliffhanger, and it seems like the show was just cut, or someone halted the filming for it, but it's so good that I hope they make it into a "real" series. 

Wild Guys is a lighthearted rom-com that deals with college students. The ML is in a slight harem with all of his female friends. He is in a club with his best friend where he meets a bunch of people that have superpowers, and his own friend has powers too. The odd thing is that the fact that people have powers somehow seems normal to the people in the show. The characters don't see it as strange or anything, and they use their powers randomly.

Surf 101: Intro to Romance is a fun rom-com that takes place during summer break. A group of friends go to the beach for summer vacation and find that there's more to their relationships than friendship. Romances bloom between the leads with the ocean in the background. This could be made into a mini-series with each episode being around 40 minutes long. It could showcase the characters more before they went on the trip and how they changed once summer began. This reminds me of the drama W.H.Y. which I mentioned above. This is the perfect show to watch when you're desperate for it to be summer - I'm all ready for the rainy weather to end.

Room of Romance is a rom-com of two neighbours who happen to be coworkers too. It's a drama about coincidence and fate. It's a short love story between two youths, and I think that it could easily be made into a fun full-length series where they further develop the relationship and show how the leads bond through their time together.

The Broject is a fun crime and detective drama where two best friends solve cases. The two high school students take on cases given to them by other high schoolers. Their big case, in this 2-episode series, is about discovering the secret of smart students at an academy. The premise for this is fun and different from typical detective stories. I love how this showcases two MLs and their bromance instead of the typical romance that is shown in most detective dramas. I like seeing friendship stories, and it's nice to see how close the leads are. I would love to see this made into a full-length series where they fight more crimes and grow closer as good friends.

Bonus series: Click directly onto the gifs, and they'll take you to the series page on MDL. They're all web series.

END NOTE: If you watch any of the series listed, you have to watch WHY and Surf 101. They are sooo good!

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