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This is my first Ultra Fan Guide and I decided to do William Chan. I've watched most of the mainland Chinese dramas William has been in, in chronological order. It wasn't even intentional, he would just pop up in the dramas I watched in his early acting days. His performances caught my attention when he was playing minor roles and it's interesting to see how much he has progressed over the years.

Warning: This article is very long, enjoy! :) 

Stage Name: William Chan

Name: Chan Wai-ting (Chén Wěitíng)

Simplified Chinese:   陈伟霆

Traditional Chinese: 陳偉霆

          Born: 21st November 1985

          Birthplace: Hong Kong

          Height: 182cm 

          Blood Type: A

          Star Sign: Scorpio 

          Chinese Zodiac: Ox 

          Education: Yew Chung International School

          Agency: Emperor Entertainment Group

         Family: Father (Deceased), Mother

                          Older Sister, Older Brother

William Chan was born in Hong Kong. His Father died when he was 10 years old from battling lung cancer due to smoking and drinking. After his Father’s death smoking and alcohol was taboo within the family. His Mother raised him and his siblings by herself after his Father's death. His older brother and sister are over ten years older than him.

In 2003, when William was 17 (turning 18), he competed in the international Chinese New Talent Singing Championship – Hong Kong Regional Finals. He made a deal with his Mother that if he won the competition than he wouldn't have to go to school in the US and can pursue a career in the entrainment field. William won the competition and won several awards. In 2004, he signed with Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG).

In an interview, William said he had very “dark times” during those years. He graduated high school and kept waiting for a solo debut. He became depressed and stopped training. Instead, he would secretly smoke and drink and not come home for days at a time. His siblings were very strict with him and his brother helped him get back on his feet. His brother used his monthly salary to help pay for William's gym membership to help him get back on track. William said when he realized what his motivation was and that was “I cannot disappoint my family”. He started to train again and went back to the agency. He no longer smokes and no longer drinks massive amounts of alcohol.

Childhood Photos 


Left Photo: Age 4                                                       Right Photo: Age 31

Left Photo: Age 8                                                           Right Photo: Age 17

Mandopop Group 

On June 26, 2006, William joined the Mandopop group Sun Boy'z (previously called Boy'z). They released their first single called "Tic Tac Toe" shortly before June 2006, from their self-titled debut EP Sun Boy'z (AVEP). They did many covers of very popular songs. In April 2008, William left the group to become a solo artist and the group disbanded. In 2010, the group reunited without William.

Solo Career 

Waiting (EP) 

Albums / EP

English Title 
Chinese Title
2008 Will Power 
2009 War-ri-or 戰士
2010 Do You Wanna Dance 
2010 Heads or Tails 
2012Pop it Up 
2015Waiting (EP) 等等

Music Video - W Project 


English Title 
Chinese Title 
2010 What Is The Trend什麼是潮流

2016Confession 表白
2016W Project W 企划
2017 Fascinated 着迷

Soundtracks / OSTs

English Title 
Chinese Title 
Drama / Movie/ Album
2012Got Borrow Got Return有借有还Triad OST
2014The Brave勇者As the Light Goes Out OST
2014Peers两同行Swords of Legends OST
2015Waiting Silently无言守候The Four OST
2015 Sweet Aftertaste回甘Chef Nic Season 2 Theme Song
2016 I Really Want to Hug You好想抱着你The Love of Happiness OST
2016 My Clan 我门The Mystic Nine OST
2016Love! Love! Aloha
I Love That Crazy Little Thing OST
2016 Run For More 酷跑Tian Tian Ku Pao Theme Song
2016Perfect Day完美這一天Cook Up a Storm OST
2017Because of You因你Lost Love in Times OST
2017Dazzling Dance炫舞QQ Dazzling Dance mobile game theme song
2018 Lucid Dream清醒梦境Only Side by Side with You OST
2018 A Stroke of Jianghu一笔江湖Hot Blood Dance Crew promotional song
2018 The LightAge of Legends OST

For this section, I decided not to add movies cause this article would be way too long and I will only comment on the dramas I have seen William in. Although William made his acting debut in Hong Kong movies and dramas I will only be talking about Mainland Chinese Dramas.


   Drama: Sword of Legends

   Character: Ling Yue (陵越) 

The senior disciple and future leader of Tian Yong sect, who is known for his bravery and uprightness. Having lost his younger brother when they were young, Ling Yue treats Tusu as his real sibling and would protect him at all cost.

This was the first time I saw his character on screen. I didn't find his character that interesting but I liked the side story his character got. I didn't really care that much about his performance cause I was more interested in the leads, especially the male leads acting.


Drama: Legend of Fragrance

Character:  An Yichen / Wen Shiqing 

The adopted son of An Shengqiu, who is actually the long lost Young Master Wen. He is used as a tool for revenge by An Shengqiu.

I didn't even know this drama existed till years later when it showed up on Viki. Throughout the episodes, I grew to dislike his character a bit. I didn't like how his character ended or even how the drama ended. His acting improved since his previous performance.


    Drama: The Four

    Character: "Chaser" Zhui Ming

An optimistic, cheerful and loyal man. He is an expert at Qing Gong and loves to drink wine. He loves Princess Ziluo

I watched this drama but I don't remember much. 

Drama: The Legend of Zu

Character:  Ding Da Li (丁大力) / Ding Yin (丁隐)

Xiao Ru's first male disciple, Yu Wuxin’s husband.

This was William's first lead role in Mainland China. Although I thought his performance was mediocre you could see how much effort he was putting into his performance. Although his skills have improved it wasn't lead role material yet. Besides that he and Zanilia Zhao have great on-screen chemistry.

    Drama: The Mystic Nine

    Character: Zhang Qishan (张启山), also known as Fo Ye 

The leader of the Mystic Nine clans and a defense commander for the city of Changsha. He has a strong military influence and the people’s trust. Became leader after a rumour spread all over Changsha of him teleporting a Golden Buddha over to his manor in one night.

I ended up dropping the drama cause I was bored and gave up on watching the 'Tomb Raiding' Series. I could see improvement in his performance compared to his lead role in The Legend of Zu. I found the portrayal of his character to be very interesting. Again he and Zanilia Zhao have great on-screen chemistry. 

 Drama: Lost Love in Times

Character: Yuan Ling / 4th Prince

4th prince of Great Wei, and son of the deceased Emperor Renzong. Known as the God of War, he is also the commander of the powerful and awe-inspiring Xuanjia. He falls for Qingchen, a sorceress, who he vows to protect. He is fearless, calculating and self-assured; yet beneath his cold exterior is a passionate man who would do anything to protect those that are important to him. Although Qingchen pushes him away, he still continues to vie for her.

I really enjoyed watching this drama until it went downhill. I liked his performance in this drama.

I noticed since 2018 William stopped doing Historical / Fantasy dramas and seems to be more interested in Crime related dramas.

  Drama: Only Side By Side With You 

  Character: Shi Yue 

Owner of a bar, who used to be a member of the Blue Sky Special Forces. 

Although this drama had a lot of flaws overall, I enjoyed it. This is one of William's best performances in my opinion. In this drama, you can see a massive improvement in his performance and skills. He portrays a two-faced character in the 'grey area'. His skills are very versatile and I think he did a great job. 

Drama: Age of Legends

Character: Liu Ziguang 

The main protagonist who returns to Jiang Bei City after eight years of being away. Due to his father's death, he exiled himself but meets Nie Wanfeng and becomes "sworn" brothers with him. The two work for an American crime boss named Colby, who locks Ziguang away for four years. However, he trains himself and manages to escape, eventually being recruited by Wanfeng to join his syndicate after Colby's death. After learning of Wanfeng's true and malicious nature, Ziguang tips the police off on a drug deal in international waters and escapes. However, he hits his head and became washed ashore back in China with amnesia, with no memory of what transpired in between his self-exile to the present day.

I really enjoyed William's performance in this drama.

   Drama: Dancing in the Storm

   Character: Clark Li Jun Jie

Li Jun Jie works in an information security company and accidentally discovers the company's complicated dealings with external parties. During investigations, he was framed and becomes a wanted man.

Drama is to be aired in the second quarter of 2019.

Variety Shows

William did many variety shows in the early stages of his career. I put down the most popular and recent shows he's been in.


   Hot Blood Dance Crew

   Dance Mentor 

   Other Mentors - Lu Han, Victoria Song, Jackson Wang

The Next Top Bang

Mentor - Male Team 

Other Mentors: G.E.M, Kris Wu, Victoria Song, Bibi Zhou, Hu Haiquan


I hope you guys enjoyed the article! :)

 What are your thoughts on William Chan?

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