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Sawadee Ka, Burcu is here today to introduce her sunshine girl who has stolen Burcu's heart. Just seeing her, Burcu's day gets better: it's none other than Kao Supassara Thanachart (abbreviated KST). You'll find more or less everything you need to know about her that I could find till this date below, to binge as a whole or save for all those days you just need some more sunshine in your life. Though I have tried to avoid spoilers, I can not fully guarantee that this is spoiler-free, but it mostly should be. ;)

So without any further ado, let's start! 


Name: Kao Supassara Thanachart (เก้า สุภัสสรา ธนชาต)         

Birthday: April 29, 1995

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand

Height: 160 cm (5'2")

Instagram: @supassra_sp                

Occupation: Model, Actor, Singer 

Agency (current): Freelancer 

5 Things I love about her

#1 The way she teases other people 

Kao is usually introverted and the shy type but when it comes to people she's comfortable with, we get to see a different version of her. Kao likes to teases other people in a way they won’t feel uncomfortable. 
Gif made by Burcu

#2 Her smirk 

Kao is someone who would give sunshine vibes but her smirk gives us an evil vibe that would make us fall in love with her more. 

#3 Pouty lips 

This is the one thing she always does. I guess it’s her one of her favorite poses.

#4 Smile 

Look her smiling, making that heart shape. Cuteness overload!

#5 Annoyed face

Kao is really good friends with Davikah and Ter. Look at her being annoyed by their too many lovey dovey moments on Davi's birthday and this video I saw shared by Mew, who indirectly supported Kao, lol.

Gif made by Burcu


Kao debuted as a teenager, mostly as a model, and she didn’t have any intention of becoming an actress but she wanted to be featured in a music video or some fashion magazines. Kao was noticed by a photographer when she was taking modelling courses. The photographer's friend liked Kao's photoshoot and cast her in some advertisements and magazine photoshoots. 

Kao continued to do modelling until she got a drama offer. Since then, she has charmed us in a variety of popular dramas, movies, and drama-like commercials. I have gathered thoughts about the ones I found in MDL's database. As a big fan of order, I decided to present them in order of popularity, and the size of her role. Enjoy! 

Most Popular Dramas

Some of her popular dramas are not only popular on MDL but also in the Thai entertainment industry. She has showcased her acting skills in different genres of drama. Also, she has created magical chemistry with all her co-actors, which will make you wonder whether there is anyone with whom she can't create this magic. Well, most probably the answer is no.

 Hormones (2013)

Hormones The Series is a high school drama which shows the different situations teenagers go through during their high school life. It also addresses some tennage issues that normally society doesn't want to talk about. Hormones is partly based on Songyos's 2008 film of the same name.

Hormones became a huge hit in Thailand despite having topics normally considered taboo for open discussion in Thai society, such as teenage sex and school violence. Kao plays the role of Sprite, a free spirited, sexually liberated girl, who has no qualms against hooking up with her classmates, provided they use a condom. As an only child, she lives with her single parent mother in their condominium home. She is straightforward and will raise her voice against wrongs. Eventually, Sprite becomes the most interesting female lead of Hormones

By playing the character of Sprite, Kao gained huge popularity in Thailand. Kao was mostly liked by teenage boys because of the sexy and bold personality of Sprite. This is Kao's breakthrough drama which still remains one of the most successful works of her acting career. This is the perfect drama for you if you want to see something different from usual high school romances or thriller dramas. 

My Forever Sunshine (2020)

My Forever Sunshine or Trab Fah Mee Tawan is a lakorn adapted from a Thai novel with the same title. The literal English translated title is As Long as the Sky Has the Sun. It literally is the perfect summer vibe drama and it is the ultimate comfort lakorn for many people. 

Kao plays the role of Wanfahmai (fah means blue sky) or Paeng, who was a problematic teenager who craved attention and love, headstrong and rebellious, insecure and lonely. At 15, she met Arthit (Mark Prin) as he was asked to keep an eye on her by Paeng’s father since she often caused trouble for her parents. After her parents' death, Arthit’s dad Krong Prateep, who was Paeng’s dad’s best friend, took her to live with his family. Paeng stirred up chaos in the family which caused Arthit almost losing his life, and she was kicked out of the house. At 22, she comes back only to fulfill her final promise to her uncle, working at the farm for two years.

Kao was 24 years old when she filmed this drama but she played the role of a 15 year old and you wouldn’t feel that she isn’t a teenager. Kao did a great job acting as Paeng with several years of age span from an immature teenager to a mature young woman. A fun fact is that when the production team read the novel to understand the characters for casting, Kao’s image came to their mind first and they selected Kao before any other character. It’s a perfect rom com drama for you to add more sunshine to your life anyday. 

My Secret Bride (2019)

Suam, who grew up in the slums, develops a crush on Danurut (Great), a good cop, the first time she meets him due to his good looks and kindness. However, Suam is asked to become a spy for the police by an undercover deputy commander named Thuan. His mission is to spy and gather evidence on an influential criminal named Sia Ha. Suam becomes a spy and the contract wife of Danurat. 

This is my favorite drama of Kao. It has the perfect mix of comedy, romance, and action. If you still haven't watched this drama, maybe it's time to give it a chance!

Hormones Season 2 (2014)

A different version of Sprite was seen in season 2, where she is really sweet, mature, and supportive. Among all the characters of Hormones, I found that Sprite had the best character development. Not only did she heal her heart herself, she also helps others to do the same.

Faceless Love (2023)

Mirin lies about her name to get a job in Next Innovation. Joining the company, she gets the responsibility of taking care of Veekij (Dew Jirawat), who has face blindness. Working together, they become closer and solve the problems of their lives side by side. 

Faceless Love is the Thai adaptation of famous Japanese drama Rich Man, Poor Woman. But GMMTV changed the characters' natures and the storyline, which makes the Thai adaptation truly a rom com drama and different version of the original unlike the Korean adaptation Rich Man

O-Negative (2016)

Foon, who grew up in a rich family being treated like princess, enters university life and meets four friends who share the same blood group as her. Slowly, she learns about the true meaning of friendship and hardships of lives that she had never experienced. 

Kom Faek (2018)

This was the first drama Kao was assigned after joining Channel 3 and also the first lakorn she acted in. Kao plays the role of Tapao, who is strong and straightforward. Many injustices are done to Tapao throughout the show, but instead of waiting for a Prince Charming to come and save her, she stands up for herself to raise her voice against them and to protect herself, her family, and the people of her country. 

Not as popular but still brilliant

These three dramas aren’t as popular on MDL but they can be considered as some of the greatest dramas Kao has showcased her acting skills in by stepping out of her comfort zone. 

The Root (2022)

Sai was adopted by Rong’s (Cris) father in her childhood because she belonged to a poor family. Growing up under the same roof, Sai sees Rong as her big sister and stands beside her in any difficult situation that Rong faces. On the other hand, Rong all her life faced the abuse and physical torture caused by her own father, brother, and husband, and develops feelings for Sai because of her kindness towards her. When Sai learns about Rong's feelings, she decides to escape from her house but she gets caught everytime and is threatened by Rong that she would hurt Sai's family. Sai is living in hell until the day she meets Din (Peach), who becomes her saviour.

Stay (2015)

Jook, who dreams of publishing her own book, travels to Japan to write a journal about food. Reaching her destination, she meets Mhee (Sunny), who becomes like a babysitter to Jook. Eventually, they become close and develop feelings for each other, but they are forbidden to cross the line because Mhee has a fiance and Jook has a boyfriend who is waiting for her in Bangkok.

Anguished Love (2018)

This was the first drama where Kao plays both negative and positive roles in two different lives. Kao plays the roles of Sarapee and Nisa. Sarapee belongs to a Chinese-Thai family and is the daughter of a well-known criminal. Sarapee is ruthless and has a heart made of stone. If she wants something, she will do anything to achieve it, even if it means killing someone. In her second life, Sarapee aka Nisa faces the karma of her past life even though she was a better person in her second life.

The projects that did not catch our attention…  

These dramas are also brilliant in terms of storyline and acting but unfortunately, most of them don't have English subtitles. That's why they aren't popular on MDL.

Club Friday (2012)

Screenshot taken by Burcu

Club Friday is the Kao's debut drama where she plays the role of Jane, a high school student. She appears in the 3rd and 4th episodes. Club Friday The Series is based on real life stories shared by the audience of Talk Show Club Friday, which are later adapted into a drama.

Love Songs Love Stories: Pae Jai (2015)

Fay (Jaeb) was deeply hurt after getting dumped by her girlfriend. She believes that there is no way for her to open her heart again... until she meets Mameaw, a girl who came to unlock the drawer where Fay kept her heart.

The Taste Of Love (2013)

Screenshot taken by Burcu
This is basically a commercial that was divided into three episodes. Kao moved into a house with Tor and March and a love triangle happens among them but they choose friendship over love. 

Sandy the Series (2014)

Screenshot taken by Burcu

I haven't watched this drama because it's not available with English subtitles. However, after researching for a very long time, I found an MDL user who has watched this drama and according to her, it has similar vibes to Kdrama She Was Pretty though it's not a remake. 

Midnight Sin (2016)

Gif made by Burcu

Uma, a Thai-American vampire, falls in love with a  guy in 100 years, but he is a Vampire Hunter.

About Us (2014)

Screenshot taken by Burcu
This is a short film that tells the story of Teh's (Jaylerr) forbidden love as he finds himself falling in love with his best friend's girlfriend, Rin.

 Dancer Ta-Luang Sai (2016)

Screenshot taken by Burcu

This is an award-winning sitcom produced by Workpoint TV. The whole shooting was done on a stage. It's a 50-episode drama available on YouTube but without English subtitles. 


Kao hasn't worked in that many movies but she received good feedback from the audience for her acting skills. 

The Swimmers (2014)

Gif made by Burcu

This was Kao's big screen debut where she played the role of Ice, a high school student who commits suicide after dumping her boyfriend. 

The Swimmers is one of the best horror films of the Thai industry till today. The ending OST will haunt you forever. 

The Moment (2017)

Gif made by Burcu

Jaeb, who lives in London, dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Jaeb finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her friend who lives in her downstairs apartment. On the other hand, her friend has been ghosting her boyfriend Ton (Peach). Ton comes to London to patch up things with his girlfriend. Jaeb decides to stay in her friend's apartment hoping that if she and her boyfriend come back, Jaeb would be able to catch them. 

Ton and Jaeb meet each other in Ton's girlfriend's apartment where Jaeb informs Ton of his girlfriend having an affair with her boyfriend. Together they try to find them but end up catching feelings for each other until everything becomes a lie.

Love and Run (2019)

Gif made by Burcu

Lin always dreamed of having a relationship like the romantic webtoons and novels she reads, but she has an obstacle named Due (Nonkul), her nephew. Due is overprotective of his beautiful aunt Lin and always ruins her fantasy. After graduation, Lin moved to Bangkok in hope that she finally will be in a perfect relationship with Due not being around, but destiny plays a joke on Lin. Due and Lin again end up being together, and then Due realizes his feelings for his aunt.

Buppha Ratree: A Haunting in Japan (2016)

Screenshot taken by Burcu

Rose finds her boyfriend cheating on her, and being heartbroken, she decides to travel to Japan. She ends up in a haunted house with a Thai rock band. But it isn't as simple as it's looks. This is the last adaptation of the legendary horror film Buppha Rahtree but it was very different from the original concept.

Variety Shows

Gif made by Burcu

Music videos

All the images are screenshots from the official music videos and the gif is also made from the music video. Click on the pictures or gifs to be redirected to the music videos. 

Upcoming Works

Fun Facts

  • Kao is a huge pet lover
  • She is a good cook
  • Blackpink's Lisa is TorKao shipper
  • Win Metawin is her fanboy
  • She has brought her own house worth more than 30 million Baht
  • Her favourite number is 9, her name Kao also means nine
  • She has dated her manager but even after the breakup they work together and also own an ice cream brand
  • She likes Japan and Japanese food over Thai food
  • Kao loves the sea
  • Kao prioritizes friendship over love
  • She has been single since early 2022
  • She sang the OST of two of her dramas and one movie
  • She doesn't want to get married yet
  • In the industry, she is closest with Diana, Davikah, Mint and Krating
  • Actor Great Warintorn has a crush on her
  • She travels a lot
  • She has been the brand ambassador of Garnier Thailand for 12 years
  • She used to feel insecure about her height
  • She and Peach Pachara have been rumoured to be in a relationship since Hormones, but both of them denied it


Dream Pairing 

Image Source: 123, 4
I'm a really big shipper of Tay and Kao. I badly want to see them together. Tay and Kao have been seen together for TV shows, music videos, and magazine photoshoots. But they never interact with each other. They stand side by side in fashion shows but never look at each other and since the beginning of this year, they even stopped liking each other's posts. And now that Kao is a freelancer, I hope we get to see this couple and then they will maybe become friends. 

My other dream pairing is Nanon and Kao. Nanon and Kao's situation is different from the TayKao situation. Nanon likes Kao's every post and in the above photo, Nanon is actually smiling looking at Kao. But that's how Nanon is! Nanon is sweet and caring to everyone.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this article! ᥫ᭡

A little charm before you go.

Credits: Images are from the official stills and posters, drama screenshots, MDL. Screenshots and gifs are made from screenshots taken from the drama scenes or have a direct link to their source in them. Cover image is from here.  Also a special thank you to the editors. 

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