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Uhm Jung Hwa will possibly return to the sequel of her 2020 film Okay! Madam

On June 19, media outlets reported that the 2020 hit movie Okay! Madam will have a sequel. It was also reported that the main lead Uhm Jung Hwa will return and continue to be the main lead. 

The movie's production company confirmed that the movie's sequel is currently in the planning stages. They also shared that they are also discussing it with Uhm Jung Hwa but nothing has been confirmed yet. They also stated that they are planning to finalize the cast as early as this month. 

Okay! Madam is an action comedy movie that revolves around a family caught up in a plane hijacking incident. It was the first overseas of the family after winning a free trip to Hawaii. While the passengers became hostages, the family gets to know each other's hidden past to rescue and stop the hijacking. 

In the film, Uhm Jung Hwa portrays the role of Mi Young. She sells twisted breadsticks at a traditional market. Because of the hijacking incident on their first overseas trip, she was forced to showcase her hidden skills to rescue the passengers. 

The movie was helmed by director Lee Chul Ha and the script was written by Shin Hyun Sung. There is no confirmation yet if they will also work together for season two of the film. 

The 2020 film was a blockbuster hit in South Korea. When it was released, it garnered over 1.2 million viewers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expectations are high on how Uhm Jung Hwa will perform in the upcoming sequel of Okay! Madam.

If Uhn Jung Hwa confirms her casting, this will be her first confirmed movie project. The singer-actress last starred in the 2023 film Miss Fortune with Song Sae Byuk, Girls Day's Bang Min Ah, Park Ho San, Son Byung Ho, and Kim Jae Hwa

Uhm Jung Hwa is also expected to lead the upcoming K-drama The Wife. This will premiere on KBS within this year. 

The singer-actress is known for being part of the works Doctor Cha, Our Blues, Witch's Romance, Wonderful Nightmare, Montage, Seducing Mr. Perfect, and more. 


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