de lo_ve, Junho 23, 2021

UEE will reportedly work with Rain in the upcoming drama "The Ghost Doctor"

Reports circulated on June 23rd that the idol-actress will be the female lead for the upcoming drama "The Ghost Doctor."

UEE's agency Lucky Company responded to the reports through Star News and shared that their artist is positively considering the drama offer. 

"The Ghost Doctor" will be a medical and fantasy genre drama directed by Boo Sung Chul ("The Heirs" and "Our Gap Soon") and written by Kim Sun Soo ("Live Up To Your Name").

The upcoming series will narrate the story of two doctors who have completely different backgrounds, abilities, and temperaments but in the end, their bodies and souls unite after experiencing a confusing trance incident. It depicts a heart-breaking story of ghost doctors who cannot leave the hospital and patients even after they die.

Rain is also known as Jung Ji Hoon is confirmed to lead the drama. He will play the role of Cha Young Min, a genius doctor with lots of experience but is selfish and arrogant.

"The Ghost Doctor" will reportedly air in the second half of the year. 

If UEE accepts the offer, "The Ghost Doctor" will be her comeback drama after two years. She last starred in the 2018 drama "My Only One" with Choi Soo Jong, Lee Jang Woo, Yoon Jin Yi, and more. 

UEE debuted first as an idol through Pledis Entertainment's girl group, After School. She then transitioned as an actress and is currently signed under Lucky Company. She is currently active as an actress and has appeared in several dramas. She was part of the dramas "My Husband Oh Jak Doo," "Manhole," "Marriage Contract," "High Society," "Ho Goo's Love," and many more. 


What are your thoughts on the upcoming drama "The Ghost Doctor" starring Rain?