de Lily Alice, Maio 14, 2024

Garnering attention with its star-studded cast of A-list actors, the highly anticipated film Wonderland dropped fresh stills, featuring Gong Yoo in a special appearance. 

With Gong Yoo in the cast lineup alongside Tang WeiBae SuzyPark Bo GumJung Yu Mi, and Choi Woo Shik, fans are hardly able to contain their excitement.  

Wonderland tells the story of people who reunite with their loved ones through a service called Wonderland, which reconstructs people who cannot be interacted with in real life using artificial intelligence. 

Goblin actor Gong Yoo takes on the role of Sung Joon, an AI character who maintains communication with Wonderland service's planners while keeping notice of the emotional changes of AI Bai Li (Tang Wei), an archaeologist in the Wonderland world. Wonderland is the first production to bring together Gong Yoo and Tang Wei on the same screen. 

Director Kim Tae Yong created the character of Sung Joon after getting inspired by his meeting with Gong Yoo. He shared, "Since he is an AI character that carries out the task of managing the AI within Wonderland while also being a friend, he needed to be both cool yet warm, and there was no other actor like Gong Yoo [for the role]." 

Actress Tang Wei, expressed, "Thanks to Gong Yoo's English skills, I didn't feel a language barrier. I had so much fun shooting, and I felt a sense of brotherhood." 

Wonderland is coming to theaters on June 5.