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Song Jae Rim will reportedly join Jeon Jong Seo in the upcoming TVING K-drama The Queen 'Woo'

On June 23, media outlet News1 reported that Song Jae Rim will be the main lead of the upcoming historical series The Queen 'Woo' together with Jeon Jong Seo.

If Song Jae Rim confirms his casting, this will be his second upcoming K-drama. The actor is also set to star in the new K-drama titled Bloody Romance with Nam Gyu Ri, Kim Min Seok, Choi Hye Jin, Steven Noh, and Jung Jin Woo

This year, Song Jae Rim appeared in the TVING K-drama All That We Loved led by Oh Se Hun, Jang Yeo Bin, Jo Joon Young, Jeon Yeong In, and Jung Eugene

The actor will also join the upcoming movies I’ll Become Rich, Salmon, and Skip.

Song Jae Rim made his acting debut in 2010. He has starred in several K-dramas such as Work Later, Drink Now, How to Be Thirty, Clean with Passion for Now, Secret Mother, Our Gap Soo, Unkind Women, Good-bye, Mr. BlackSurplus Princess,  Moon Embracing the Sun, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, and more.

The Queen 'Woo' will depict the story of Lady Woo, the first person in history to become a queen twice. She will look for his new King within 24 hours after the previous King died. The K-drama is set in the Goryeo era.

The series will be the next work of director Jung Se Gyo (Oh! My Gran) and writer Lee Byung Hak (The Royal Tailor).

Jeon Jong Seo will play the role of Lady Woo. Meanwhile, there are no details yet on the character of Song Jae Rim.

The Queen 'Woo' will be released in 2024 and it will exclusively air on TVING. 


Do you think Song Jae Rim and Jeon Jong Seo are a good fit for the upcoming K-drama The Queen 'Woo'?