de lo_ve, Janeiro 8, 2024

Seol In Ah is in discussion to work with Jung Kyung Ho in the upcoming K-drama Labourer Noh Moo Jin

According to an exclusive report from media outlet YTN News on January 8, Seol In Ah has been chosen as the female lead of the upcoming K-drama Labourer Noh Moo JinShe will work alongside Jung Kyung Ho, who got the first offer, to star in the series. Seol In Ah's side has yet to confirm the casting news. 

Labourer Noh Moo Jin is the first K-drama project of director Im Soon Rye, who is known for creating the films The Point Men, Little Forest, The Whistleblower, and more. The script will be penned by Kim Bo Tong (D.P. and The King of the Desert). Brocolli Pictures will produce the upcoming K-drama. 

Jung Kyung Ho got the offer to portray the main role of Noh Moo Jin. Seol In Ah's character hasn't been revealed. Through the title, the K-drama is expected to showcase the stories about conflicts occurring in various workplaces. 

There is no official confirmation yet on the release date and broadcast channel of the upcoming K-drama Labourer Noh Moo Jin. 

If Seol In Ah confirms her casting, this will be her first K-drama project for 2024. 

Last year, Seol In Ah was busy with various activities. She starred in three K-dramas and one film. She also guested on The Seasons: Jay Park's Drive

Seol In Ah led the K-dramas Oasis and Twinkling Watermelon. She also made a special appearance in the hit Netflix original K-drama Celebrity. She was also part of the romantic comedy film Love My Scent with Yoon Shi Yoon, Steve Noh, Moon Ji In, Lee Gyu Bok, and Kim Young Woong.

The actress is known for being part of the hit K-dramas A Business Proposal, Mr. Queen, School 2017, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and more.  


Do you wish to see Seol In Ah work with Jung Kyung Ho in the upcoming K-drama Labourer Noh Moo Jin?