de Ford Carter, Junho 9, 2021

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Get ready to fall in love with South Korea’s newest sitcom when it premieres on Netflix next week!

Please note: This article may contain minor spoilers for So Not Worth It (2021).

Also known as: I Hope the Earth Collapses Tomorrow

Premiere date: June 18 | Country: South Korea | Duration: 12 episodes, 50 minutes each

So Not Worth It is a South Korean sitcom set to premiere on Netflix on June 18. It is about a group of university students from various multicultural backgrounds residing at a college dorm in Seoul.

Park Se Wan plays the role of Se Wan, a research assistant with economic sense who enforces personal fines at the dorm.

Shin Hyun Seung plays the role of Jamie, a new student from America who has looks that the girls at the university fall for.

GOT7’s Choi Young Jae plays the role of Sam, the naughty, youngest student who is the son of the president of a tteokbokki global food chain and grew up in Australia.

(G)I-DLE’s Minnie plays the role of Minnie, a fashionable student from Thailand who is so obsessed with Kdramas that she can even speak Korean with a Northern accent.

Han Hyun Min plays the role of Hyun Min, a Korean student from Incheon City who pretends to be a foreigner just so he can live in the international dorms.

Joakim Sorensen plays the role of Hans, a Swedish student who is strict and disciplined, but doesn’t hold himself to the same standard.

Carson Allen plays the role of Carson, an American student with the temperament of a grouchy old man, but  gives good advice to her friends.

Terris Brown plays the role of Terris, a Trinidadian and Tobagonian student who is smart, confident, and switches partners rather often.

Featuring an international cast and characters, So Not Worth It is undoubtedly likely to be a hit with fans of Korean entertainment around the world and bring in a wave of brand new fans.

Check out some of the images released by Netflix for So Not Worth It below:

Wanting to watch something of the same vibe while you wait for So Not Worth It to come out? Consider watching some of Kwan Ik-joon’s other works, such as Nonstop or Three Guys and Three Girls. While older works, they are still incredibly entertaining, and are sure to get you in the right mindset for the new sitcom.

Are you excited for So Not Worth It? Will you be binging it the day it drops? Do you have any other recommendations for Korean sitcoms for fans of this show?