de Lily Alice, Janeiro 24, 2023

The South Korean reality TV show Physical: 100 premiered on Netflix today at 3:00 am ET (the USA). 

Physical: 100 is a survival show that casts 100 contestants - both male and female - from across different countries who will compete against each other to claim the title of the fittest and win a tempting cash prize. The show is Netflix's first original Korean reality survival series. We will be seeing some familiar faces like Cha Hyun Seung (from Single’s Inferno Season 1 and Be the SMF), Kang Han ( from Mr. Trot Season 2), DEX, (Youtuber/Streamer and former UDT) and the rapper Ovan.  

"Physical: 100" also casts professional athletes like Akiyama Yoshihiro ( a Japanese mixed martial artist and the gold medallist of the 2002 Asian Games), Shin Bomire (a Pro Boxer out of Seoul), Yun Sung Bin (known as the Iron Man of South Korea and a gold medallist of 2018 Winter Olympics in men's skeleton), and Agent H (a former non-commissioned officer in the Navy Special Warfare Corps, a member of Korean Navy SEAL and a sniper), among others. 

The contestants will be seen in gruelling physical activities that will compel them to push their limits. And only the last man standing will emerge as the best of the firecrest 100. The first season will air ten episodes. 

Check out the show on Netflix.