de Lily Alice, Julho 18, 2023

The upcoming ENA drama, The Day of the Kidnapping, has released an attention-grabbing illustrated teaser poster.

The Day of the Kidnapping is a mystery thriller about an inept kidnapper, Kim Myung Joon (Yoon Kye Sang), and an 11-year-old genius girl, Choi Ro Hee (Yu Na). 

Based on the novel of the same name by K-thriller writer Jeong Hae Yeon, the drama brings together the talents of the Kingdom director Park Yoo Young and writer Kim Je Young. 

Furthermore, the drama boasts a stellar cast, including Yoon Kye SangPark Sung HoonYu NaKim Shin RokKim Sang HoSeo Jae Hee, and Kang Young Seok, among others. 

The illustrated teaser poster further mounts anticipation. Beneath the darkness of the night sky, Kim Myung Joon and Ro Hee stand side by side on a winding road. In contrast to Kim Myung Joon's disheveled appearance and unkempt hair and beard, Ro Hee, with her vibrant yellow dress and short hair, creates a striking contrast. 

Kim Myung Joon stands affectionately holding Ro Hee's bag while Ro Hee exudes an untroubled and calm demeanor, seeming like father and daughter. And the long and winding road visualizes the dynamic journey of the characters. 

Detective Park Sang Yoon (Park Sung Hoon), who stands on the street looking around, and Kim Myung Joon's ex-wife Seo Hye Eun (Kim Shin Rok), seemingly observing everything from the window of a building, further adds to the intrigue surrounding the intertwined relationships of these characters.

Actor Yoon Kye Sang takes on the role of Kim Myung Joon, an inept and weak-hearted kidnapper. He becomes entangled in an incident while scheming a kidnapping to secure his daughter's medical expenses, turning him into a murder suspect.  

Park Sung Hoon delivers a captivating performance as Park Sang Yoon, the detective chasing after Kim Myung Joon. With his quick judgment and rational analytical skills, he unravels unexpected truths while tracking the kidnapping case. 

Yu Na will be seen as Ro Hee, a cynical and extraordinarily-intelligent girl who forms a peculiar bond with Kim Myung Joon and navigates through the crisis. 

Kim Shin Rok plays Seo Hye Eun, Kim Myung Joon's ex-wife, who unexpectedly returns after leaving her husband and daughter three years ago, and the one to suggest the kidnapping idea to Kim Myung Joon.

The Day of the Kidnapping will premiere on September 13th.