de Lily Alice, Dezembro 20, 2023

tvN drops stills from Marry My Husband, giving a glimpse of how Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) gets betrayed by her close friend Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon).

Based on the popular web novel of the same name, Marry My Husband is a fantasy drama that tells the story of a woman who, after coming to know the affair between her best friend and husband, dies at the hands of her husband and goes ten years back in time to rewrite her life.

Kang Ji Won was a sweet child who was pampered with her father's love during her childhood. But due to her friend Jung Soo Min's constant gaslighting, she turned into a pushover.She became someone who silently endured unjust demands from selfish people, and also tolerated her boss's harsh verbal abuse without even saying a word after her project idea was taken by her friend.

What did she get in return for all the hard work and pain she endured? Cancer and the heart-wrenching discovery of her husband Park Min Hwan's (Lee Yi Kyung) affair with her friend Jung Soo Min.

Jung Soo Min, whom Kang Ji Won believed to be her only true friend, hid her wickedness behind her sweet face.

Beneath her warm and kind demeanor, Jung Soo Min desired to possess everything that belonged to Kang Ji Won.
Consequently, she left Kang Ji Won with no friends other than herself and even stole Kang Ji Won's husband.

After opening her eyes to the truth and getting a second chance at life, Kang Ji Won vows to get revenge on Jung Soo Min and Park Min Hwan, who pushed her life into an abyss.

Kang Ji Won transforms into a confident woman and decides to marry Jung Soo Min with Park Min Hwan, her husband from her first life, setting the stage for a riveting story.

From being friends for years to becoming foes for life, the story of these two women is heightening anticipation for the premiere of Marry My Husband.

Marry My Husband will premiere on January 1. The K-drama will be made available on Prime Video. Watch the teaser below.