de lo_ve, Janeiro 15, 2024

Park Min Young's issue with her ex-boyfriend resurfaced after a media outlet released new details about the issue.

On January 15, media outlet Dispatch added more details about the issue of Park Min Young's ex-boyfriend. The media outlet reported that the actress received ₩250 million (approximately $190,300) in cash while she was still in a relationship with businessman Kang. The report also revealed that businessman Kang withdrew 250 million won as a loan and then transferred the amount to Park Min Young, claiming it was for living expenses.

Park Min Young's side then responded to Dispatch's report. The actress' agency Hook Entertainment reiterated, "Back In February 2023, actress Park Min Young underwent a witness interview with the prosecution regarding the misuse of her account as a borrowed-name bank account. The investigation clearly indicated that she was not involved in any illegal activities or received unauthorized benefits. The 250 million won mentioned in the report was transferred by Kang Jong Hyun using Park Min Young's account, and it was not intended for her living expenses."

The agency added, "Despite being misunderstood for over a year, Park Min Young accepted criticism and regrets and reflected on her actions. She emphasizes her commitment to focusing on her acting career and showcasing her skills through meaningful projects. Moving forward, we hope to prevent the unwarranted defamation of Park Min Young by avoiding baseless suspicions."

Afterward, Park Min Young also reassured fans by uploading a photo on her personal Instagram account. The caption of the photo states, "Sick of it all. However, I have faith that the truth will prevail and now I have a firm heart to protect my beans (Park Min Young's fandom name). Please don't worry."

Park Min Young is currently starring in the trending K-drama Marry My Husband with Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, Song Ha Yoon, Lee Gi Kwang, Gong Min Jung, and more. Aside from the rising ratings, the K-drama is also popular with overseas viewers. 

This is the comeback K-drama of Park Min Young after almost two years. 

The next episode of Marry My Husband will premiere at 8:50 PM KST today. The series can be viewed through tvN, TVING, and the global OTT platform, Amazon Prime Video.