de Lily Alice, Dezembro 29, 2023

Park Min Young and Lee Yi Kyung play the married couple in Marry My Husband.

Based on the popular web novel of the same name, Marry My Husband is a fantasy drama that tells the story of a woman who, after coming to know the affair between her best friend and husband, gets murdered and goes ten years back in time to rewrite her life.

Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) and Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung), who were once an office couple, eventually tied the knot after being in a long relationship. 

While Ji Won knew Min Hwan desired a submissive woman whom he could control as he pleased, she chose to ignore this fact because she wanted to be the only family he had. She endured an unhappy marriage, tolerating everything at home and at work so as not to discourage her husband.

On the contrary, Min Hwan never considered Ji Won's sacrifices significant. Raised under excessive maternal love, he prioritized only his pleasures and delights. To him, a wife should excel in everything, be it serving his mother, work, childbirth, or childcare. 

Instead of appreciating his wife, Min Hwan hurt her by cheating on her. 

As their lives rewind to ten years ago, the drama portrays a noticeable change in the dynamics between the two. Ji Won, who was trampled upon, begins to take bold steps to reclaim everything she lost.

Actor Lee Yi Kyung, stating his reason for choosing the project, said, "Park Min Hwan is a bad guy with only an exit but no entrance. From the moment I received the script, it caught my attention because he was an unambiguous and clearly bad character, and that part was the most attractive."

Marry My Husband will premiere on January 1. The K-drama will be made available on Prime Video. 

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