de lo_ve, Junho 14, 2021

"Showtime Begins!" releases more details about its airing!

On June 14th, it was announced that MBC will be the broadcasting network that will air the drama and it is slated for a 2022 release. "Showtime Begins!" will be directed by Lee Hyung Min ("Monthly Magazine Home" and "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon"). The script will be written by Ha Yoon Ah ("Mystic Pop-Up Bar"). 

"Showtime From Now On" is said to be an oriental fantasy romantic-comedy drama and the ghost version of "Bad Guys." The story will follow the journey of Cha Cha Woong, who works with ghosts to solve cases based on clues hidden in the incident where he got involved. Cha Cha Woong will have a romance with a passionate policewoman with a mystical mind.

Park Hae Jin will portray the role of Cha Cha Woong, a superstar in the world of magic. He's known for his charisma and straightforward remarks.

"Showtime Begins!" aims to start filming in September after finalizing the cast. 

For this year, Park Hae Jin will star in the upcoming drama "Clone Man" that will air on Olleh TV. He last starred in the 2020 drama "Kkondae Intern" together with Kim Eung Soo, Han Ji Eun, Park Ki Woong, Park Ah In, Noh Jong Hyun, and more. Park Hae Jin won the Daesang (Grand Prize) in the 2020 MBC Drama Awards for his outstanding acting in this series. This was also the first daesang received by the actor since his debut. 

Park Hae Jin also the main lead for the dramas  "Forest," "Man to Man," "Cheese in the Trap," "Doctor Stranger," and "Bad Guys". He was also part of the cast of "You Who Came from the Stars," "Seo Yeong, My Daughter," "Hot Blood," "East of Eden," and more. 


Who's excited for more dramas with Park Hae Jin as the main lead?