de lo_ve, Janeiro 11, 2024

Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun will be the next K-drama partners on JTBC.

On January 11, JTBC officially confirmed that Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun will be leading the upcoming comedy action K-drama titled Good Boy.

Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun will be working with director Shim Na Yeon (The Good Bad Mother and Beyond Evil) and writer  Lee Dae II (Chief of Staff and Bring It On, Ghost). 

Good Boy will showcase the journey of former gold medalists, who are facing different challenges in life, and become special police officers. These people will be the members of the "Olympic Avengers" who will fight against violent crimes with the use of their unique skills. 

The production team of the new K-drama revealed, "Good Boy is a refreshing story featuring Olympic heroes who, after leaving the sports arena with its regulations, embark on a mission to combat violent crimes marked by unethical behavior and foul play. Please anticipate the partnership of Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun who will showcase the stories of real-life heroes who are fighting against injustice with their backstories."

The upcoming K-drama Good Boy is scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2024. 

In the upcoming K-drama, Park Bo Gum will portray the role of Yoon Dong Ju. He was a former Olympic boxing gold medalist who became a police officer through the special employment for Olympic athletes. He will begin another chapter in his life after becoming a police officer. 

Kim So Hyun on the other hand will portray the role of Ji Han Na. She is known as the shooting goddess for her outstanding beauty and skills. She is famous as an Olympic shooting gold medalist. After an incident, she decided to quit shooting and started a new life as a police officer.


Are you excited to see Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun in one K-drama?