de lo_ve, Agosto 23, 2022

"One Dollar Lawyer" will officially premiere next month!

On August 23rd, SBS released a new trailer confirming the premiere date of "One Dollar Lawyer." The upcoming series will air its first episode on September 23rd at 10 PM KST. 

"One Dollar Lawyer" will revolve around a great lawyer whose professional fee costs only a thousand Korean won. He is one of the most skilled lawyers in the country and he usually battles against expensive lawyers and rich clients who are breaking the law. 

The series will be led by  Namkoong Min, Kim Ji Eun, Lee Chung Ah, Choi Dae Hoon, Lee Deok Hwa, Park Jin Woo, and more. 

The drama will be the collaboration of director Kim Jae Hyun and writers Choi Soo Jin and Choi Chang Hwan ("Heart Surgeons" and "Defendant"). The drama will be produced by Studio S. 

In the released teaser, Namkoong Min's character shows off his aura. He is seen climbing up an extremely high bridge and trying to help a person who's already at the top of the bridge and on the verge to give in to an extreme choice. He also confirmed that his professional fee as a lawyer is only a thousand Korean won. 

"One Dollar Lawyer" will be part of the Friday and Saturday timeslot of SBS. The drama will have a total of 16 episodes. 

Watch the new trailer here:

This is the comeback of Namkoong Min as a lawyer in the drama. This is also his comeback to SBS after 2019's "Hot Stove League" wherein he got his first Grand Prize (Daesang) at the 28th SBS Drama Awards.

"One Dollar Lawyer" is the first drama project of Namkoong Min for 2022. He last starred in the MBC drama "The Veil." 

Namkoong Min is also set to star in the upcoming series "Lovers" and "Doctor Prisoner 2." 


Are you ready to see Namkoong Min as a lawyer once again?