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Kitagawa Keiko & DAIGO welcome their baby girl (TH)
Fujii Lena gives birth to her first child (TH)
Ichikawa Yui gives birth to her second son (TH)
Mifune Mika announces the birth of her second daughter (TH)
Berryz Kobo's Sugaya Risako gives birth to a second child (TH)
Okada Junichi and Miyazaki Aoi are expecting their second child, due before the end of the year. (UtG)
Hi-Hi’s Ueda Kojiro and Hara Anna are married (NT2099)


Ono Nonoka marries swimmer Shioura Shinri (TH)
Actress Tokoshima Yoshiko marries a doctor (TH)
Narumi Riko marries a non-celebrity man (TH)
Ishihara Satomi announced through her agency Horipro on 1 Oct 2020 that she will be getting married to her boyfriend; according to her agency, they will choose an auspicious date to register their marriage within this year;  (C)


Actor Umeno Yasukiyo dies of old age (TH)
Actress Ashina Sei passes away at the age of 36 from an apparent suicide (TH)
Talent Kishibe Shiro dead at 71 (TH)
Actress Takeuchi Yuko passes away at 40 (TH)
Actor Saito Yosuke has passed away (NT2099)
Takashi Fujiki 80, Japanese actor  (Eng wiki)
Moriya Hiroshi, Japanese singer, talent, former director of HoriPro Production (jwiki)

Sayashi Riho to resume her activities under new agency (TH)

Actor Iseya Yusuke arrested for alleged marijuana possession (TH)

GACKT comments on Iseya Yusuke’s arrest, Kiriya Kazuaki’s name gets confused by netizens and has contacted his attorney (NT2099)

[Alexandros] to be in charge of the theme song for Ayano Go & Kitagawa Keiko's suspense film The Legacy of Dr. Death: Black File  (TH)

Arashi starts a new project with 13 companies (TH)
Arashi to release a new album in November (TH)
Arashi’s new single “Whenever You Call” to feature lyrics by Bruno Mars (AJ)
Arashi drops music video for the all-English single “Whenever You Call” produced by Bruno Mars (AJ)
ARASHI's concert "AraFes 2020 at Kokuritsu Kyougijou" which was postponed in May due to COVID-19, will be held without a live audience and streamed online via Johnny's net Online later this year; dates & ticketing details to be announced;  They will also release their new album in 3 years titled "This is ARASHI" on their CD debut anniversary i.e. 3 Nov (C)

Shibasaki Kou to debut as a movie director (TH)

Yokohama Ryusei wins Asian Star Prize at '15th Seoul International Drama Awards' (TH) Lalaine had the video (Here)

Nishikido Ryo to hold a 2-day event in October (TH)
Nishikido Ryo to hold a no-audience live at Nippon Budokan (TH)

Shonentai's Nishikiori Kazukiyo and Uekusa Katsuhide to leave Johnny's & Associates (TH)
Mary Kitagawa is no longer the Executive Director of Johnny & Associates(AJ )

Former TOKIO member Yamaguchi Tatsuya arrested for drunk driving (TH)

EXILE AKIRA becomes a campaign model for Ralph Lauren’s cologne (TH)

Former Morning Musume member Riho Sayashi debuts under new agency (AJ )

Drunken Tanaka Kei kept in the police station because he was unable to pay his taxi fare (NT2099)

Maeda Atsuko asks the media to stop taking photos when she’s out with her child (NT2099)

Takeda Shinji to release his first album in 24 years  (NT2099)

Ito Misaki appeared on video for the first time in two years  (NT2099)

Wada Akiko presented with a Guinness Book of World Records for “Longest amount of years of being the same host of a live variety show” (34 Years 357 Days)  (NT2099)

Chiba Yudai (31) to play Allan in 'Poe no Ichizoku' musical, based on the manga by Hagio Moto. The musical, led by Asumi Rio as Edgar, opens next January. This is Chiba's first role in a musical.  (UtG)

Actor Yanagishita Tomo revealed he has left Watanabe Entertainment as of 30 Sep 2020 and will be retiring from the entertainment industry as a whole.  Alongside the news, he also revealed he got married and will be challenging himself in other fields (PD)

Oguri Shun (37) in his plans to form an Actors Labor Union; called out to his old friends such as Yamada Takayuki, Nagayama Eita, and Katsuji Ryo. (L)

NTV announced on 10 Sep 2020 that its variety show "Arashi ni shiyagare" will end its run in Dec 2020 given the group's impending hiatus; the program started in April 2010 after a renewal  (C)

Ohno Satoshi holds his 3rd art exhibition "FREESTYLE 2020 Ohno Satoshi Sakuhinten" at Roppongi Hills Observatory Tokyo City View from 9 Sep to 8 Nov 2020; features 40 paintings, 130 three-dimensional works & 10 photos; past exhibitions held in 2008 & 2015 (C)

Ito Kentaro announced via his social media account on 10 Sep 2020 that he had left his current agency aoao and has switched back to his previous agency Image Entertainment which was also where he made his debut from (C)

Suzuki Ryohei will be taking over the MC duty of the late Miura Haruma for NHK travelogue program "Sekai wa hoshii mono ni afureteru ~ Tabisuru buyer gokujou list ~" as announced by NHK on 11 Sep 2020; he will appear with existing co-host JUJU from 8 Oct (C)

NTV's new animal-themed variety show "I LOVE Minna no doubutsuen" to be hosted by Aiba Masaki will begin its run from 3 Oct 2020 with a 2-hr special; takes over the timeslot of Sat 7 pm for "Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen" ending in Sep (C)

Ueda Tatsuya & Shigeoka Daiki wrap up filming for NTV Summer 2020 drama "Setsuyaku Rock Chotto Tokubetsuhen"; an original series "Setsuyaku LOCK" containing cut scenes from the TV version will be shown via Hulu from 21 Sep 

Director Kurosawa Kiyoshi won the Silver Lion (Best Director) award at the 77th Venice International Film Festival  for his movie "Spy no Tsuma" starring Aoi Yu & Takahashi Issei; will be shown in Japan from 16 Oct 2020  (C)

Iwasa Mayuko announces through her Instagram on 1 Oct 2020 that she will be quitting showbiz after a 17-year career and that she will be working in the nursing industry in the future to make a direct contribution to society in her own way (C)

Watanabe Entertainment announced via its official website that its exclusive management contract with Shirota Yu had ended as of 30 Sep 2020 (C)

Yamamoto Mizuki to launch her YouTube channel (TH)

Kinoshita Yukina returns to Instagram and TikTok (NT2099)

Yamada Mariya talked about the difficulties she faced as a gravure model (NT2099)

Kubozuka Yosuke takes to Instagram to argue against certain media reports (NT2099)

V6 has launched their official Twitter page in celebration of their 25th anniversary but note that this will be opened for an unspecified limited period only. (C)

Artist management agency Ken-On has rebranded its official YouTube channel with a new name "Ken net Channel"; First up is a video of Sorimachi Takashi where he gets asked 100 questions (C)

TOEI Tokusatsu YouTube Official channel will be streaming all 49 eps + 3 special eps of the first Kamen Rider series i.e. "Kamen Rider Kuuga" starring Odagiri Jo which was shown from 2000 to 2001;  (C)

Akaso Eiji and Machida Keita cast in live-action drama adaptation of Toyota Yuu's BL manga '30-sai made Doutei dato Mahoutsukai ni narerurashii'. Airs on TV Tokyo from Oct 8.  (UtG)

Fujiwara Taiyu, Okudaira Daiken, and Miyase Ryubi join "Koisuru Hahatachi" drama series as the sons of Kimura Yoshino, Yoshida Yo, and Naka Riisa, respectively. (PD)

 Tanaka Kei leads "Sensei wo Kesu Houteishiki" school drama. The story revolves around a mysterious homeroom teacher who can't stop smiling no matter how angry he is, and a class full of students who want to kill him. It starts airing October 31st (PD) Cast listing here

Sometani Shota, Dean Fujioka, and Nakamura An join "Kiken na Venus" drama series. The story is based on a novel by Higashino Keigo. Yoshitaka Yuriko and Tsumabuki Satoshi lead. It'll start airing in October! (PD)

 Hayashi Kento joins Arimura Kasumi's "Neechan no Koibito". The story revolves around a sister who takes care of her three younger brothers after losing their parents in an accident a decade ago. It will start airing on October 27th.  (PD)

"24 JAPAN" revealed its first teaser!  The Japanese remake of the American series will start its run on October 9th. Karasawa Toshiaki and Nakama Yukie lead. (Link)(PD)

The first teaser for the upcoming LA drama series "Gokushufudou" is up. Go have a look! The drama will start airing October 11th and stars Tamaki Hiroshi, Kawaguchi Haruna, Shison Jun, Furukawa Yuta, and more! (PD)

Kawashima Umika and Shirasu Jin lead "Bokura wa Koi ga Heta Sugiru" LA drama. It is based on a manga by Tachibana Eiko. The series will start airing October 25th or 27th depending on the platform (PD)

Nakano Taiga led "Anoko no Yume wo Mitandesu" casts Kato Ryo, Hamada Mari, Hamatsu  Takayuki, Ryusei Ryo, Kono Shinnosuke, Sato Kanta, and Yanagi Shuntaro.  (PD)

"Donburi Iinchou" LA drama has its first poster + additional cast revealed!  Maeda Koki, Drunk Dragon's Suzuki Taku, and NGZ46's Ito Riria join Konishi Eito and Ihara Rikka on the cast. The drama starts airing October 24th!  (PD)

 Arimura Kasumi, Iwata Takanori, Matsubara Chieko, Wakabayashi Go, Izumisawa Yuki, Nimura Sawa, Nakamura Toru, and Otoo Takuma join the "Cold Case" Season 3 guest cast. (PD)

Hashimoto Kanna plays the daughter of a famous detective family in “Lupin no Musume Season 2” starring Fukada Kyoko. The broadcast starts on 15 October, every Thursday at 10 pm. (L)

TBS “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu SP” confirmed! Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen to return as Mikuri and Hiramasa in 2021! The SP will cover the volumes 10 and 11 of the manga with Nogi Akiko as the screenwriter. (L)

Sexy Zone's Kikuchi Fuuma to star in NTV Autumn 2020 drama "Baberu Kyuusaku" from 19 Oct 2020 at 12.59 am on Mon; based on Makime Manabu's novel; plays the 27-year-old new manager of an 88-year-old building named Babel Kyuusaku who wants to be a scriptwriter (C)

Naniwa Danshi to star in TV Tokyo Autumn 2020 drama "Men's Kou" starting from 7 Oct 2020 at 12.12 am on Wednesdays; based on a manga by Izumi Kaneyoshi (C)

Mori Nana to star in TBS Autumn 2020 drama "Kono koi atatamemasuka" starting from Oct in the Tue 10 pm timeslot; plays a 21-year-old convenience store employee Inoue Kiki who has more interest in reviewing desserts on social media rather than her job;  (C)

Terajima Susumu stars in TV Asahi drama SP "Doctor Hikojiro 5" showing at 9 pm on 13 Sep 2020; Co-stars include Toda Keiko, Ukaji Takashi, Washio Machiko, Beat Kiyoshi, Kurotani Tomoka; Guests - Yada Akiko, Kosakai Kazuki, Yamashita Yorie, Takeda Rena, etc. (C)

FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE stars in NTV Autumn 2020 drama "Mannequin Night Fever" from 8 Oct 2020 at 11.59 pm on Thu; 6 eps; 8 mannequins come to life at night due to the power of Maneki Towa (Mizuno Miki), a mysterious woman & ex-mannequin (C)

Kitamura Takumi stars in "Koi no kireme ga okane no hajimari?", the spinoff from TBS Summer 2020 drama "Okane no kireme ga koi no hajimari" starring Matsuoka Mayu; will be released exclusively via Paravi after each episode's broadcast;  (C)

Hikari TV/dTV drama "Karee no Uta" starring Mitsushima Shinnosuke, Suzuki Ouji, Moriguchi Youko & Deguchi Natsuki will be shown in 9 Asian countries; (C)(Trailer)

Suzuki Honami to play the mother of Shibasaki Kou & Hashimoto Ai in NTV Autumn 2020 drama "35-sai no Shoujo" starting from 10 Oct 2020; Other co-stars include Tanaka Tetsushi, Tomita Yasuko & Ryuusei Ryo (C)

New cast announcement of NHK's 104th morning drama (Asadora) "Okaeri Mone" starring Kiyohara Kaya - Uchino Seiyo, Suzuki Kyoka, Makita Aju, Fuji Tatsuya & Takeshita Keiko; filming to begin in autumn 2020; showing from spring 2021;  (C)

Kato Shigeaki to appear in WOWOW Autumn 2020 drama "Yoru ga dorehodo kurakutemo" starring Kamikawa Takaya; plays Inami, a reporter working at a tabloid who clashes with his boss Shiga on their views about justice in their reporting; starting from 22 Nov  (C

Kitaoji Kinya to return in TV Tokyo Autumn 2020 drama "Kioku Sousa 2 ~ Shinjuku Higashisho Jiken File ~" starting from 23 Oct 2020 at 8 pm on Fridays; Co-stars include Kamishiraishi Mone, Kazama Shunsuke, Ishiguro Ken, Hiraoka Yuuta, Yo Kimiko, etc.  (C)

TV Tokyo Spring 2020 drama "Rasen no Meikyuu ~ DNA Kagaku Sousa ~" starring Tanaka Kei which was postponed due to the COVID-19 situation, will be shown in 2021 instead (C)

Yonekura Ryoko to star in new Netflix original drama series "Shinbun Kisha" showing in 2021; directed by Fujii Michihito who was responsible for the award-winning movie with the same title but the story will not be the same;  (C)

Inohara Yoshihiko to star in NHK Winter 2021 drama "Company" showing from 10 Jan 2021 at 10 pm on Sundays; 8 eps; plays a salaryman who is about to be retrenched and to make things worse, his family walks out on him;  (C)

Fukumoto Riko stars in TV Tokyo Autumn 2020 drama "Rekishi meikyuu kara no dasshutsu ~ Real dasshutsu game x TV Tokyo ~" showing from 2 Oct 2020 at 12.52 am on Fridays; plays a senior high school girl in the year 2520 who travels back in time with her friend to correct the history erased by a cyber hacker through solving each mystery in the bugs placed by the hacker; viewers can also participate in real-time by competing with the cast to solve the mysteries through the app "Smart News"  (C)

Yoshitani Ayako & Inowaki Kai to be double leads in TV Tokyo Autumn 2020 drama "Haru to Ao no obentoubako" starting from 12 Oct 2020 at 12 am on Mondays; based on a manga by Machita;  describes how Haru (Yoshitani) and Ao (Inowaki) come to live together due to an unusual incident and pledge to make lunch boxes for each other as a condition to stay under the same roof (C)

Iitoyo Marie stars in new MBS/TBS Autumn 2020 drama "Sono goen, otodokeshimasu - Mercari de atta honto no hanashi -" showing from 3 Nov 2020 at 12.59 am and 1.28 am on Tuesdays; 6 stories chosen out of more than 20,000 real experiences contributed by users of Mercari; Iitoyo plays a delivery courier of Elephant Express who collects items from sellers and delivers them to the buyers  (C)

Kanzaki Megumi, Shida Sara & Yoshida Akari to star as beauty advisers in TV Tokyo Autumn 2020 drama "Dakara  watashi wa make suru" starting from 7 Oct 2020 at 12.58 am on Wed; based on a manga by Gekidan Mesuneko & Shibata Hikari (C)

Koshiba Fuuka stars in new TBS drama SP "Shorui wo Otoko ni shitadake de" showing at 2 pm on 11 Oct 2020; plays a woman Yuki who hides her gender and poses as a man to get a job at a big company (C)

Johnny's WEST's Kiriyama Akito to star in TV Tokyo Winter 2021 drama "Gekikaradou" showing from Jan 2021 at 12.12 am on Wed; Co-stars include Izumi Rika, Nakamura Reia, Morita Kanro, Maekawa Yasuyuki & Hirata Mitsuru;  (C)

Ito Kentaro stars in "Tantei no Shuki", the drama SP in FujiTV 's "Hontou ni atta kowai hanashi 2020 SP" hosted by Inagaki Goro; showing at 9 pm on 31 Oct 2020; Co-stars include Katsumura Masanobu & Yoshida Kotaro  (C)

Takenaka Naoto stars in TV Tokyo Autumn 2020 drama "Zannen na ikimono jiten" starting from 7 Oct 2020 at 12.52 am on Wed; 24 eps; based on a book by zoologist Imaizumi Tadaaki;  (C)

Alice in Borderland - Teaser
Sora ni Sumu -Trailer
Doctor Death no Isan - BLACK FILE  - Trailer
Watashi wo kuitomete (Trailer)
Summer Film ni Notte -Trailer
Otona no jijou Sumaho wo nozoitara -Trailer
Takizawa Kabuki ZERO 2020 The Movie -Trailer
10 manbun no 1 - Trailer

Live-action 'Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru' starring Okada Masaki and Shison Jun to open 22 January 2021. It was originally slated to open Oct 30 but has been postponed due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.  (UtG)

 Koseki Yuta and Hotta Mayu join "Liar x Liar" LA movie cast. Matsumura Hokuto and Mori Nana lead the project. The movie will see its release in 2021 (PD)

Murata Mayu's "Honey Lemon Soda" manga will receive an LA movie adaptation starring Yoshikawa Ai and Raul. Shintoku Koji directs. The movie will be released in summer 2021 (PD)

 Manga "Mune ga Naru no wa Kimi no Sei" will receive an LA movie adaptation! While the cast hasn't been revealed yet, mangaka Konno Risa says they are the "spitting image" of the characters. (PD)

"Tokyo Revengers" adds Shimizu Hiroya, Maeda Gordon, Horike Kazuki, and Minato Yoshiki to its cast! Though originally planned for an October release, the LA movie was postponed till 2021. A new date will be revealed later.  (PD)

Kiyohara Kaya and Fujiki Naohito join Yamazaki Kento in "Natsu he no Tobira" movie. It's an adaptation of Heinlein's "The Door to Summer". Miki Takahiro is directing. The movie is scheduled for a 2021 release.  (PD)

Yoshizawa Ryo's "AWAKE" reveals its promotional poster. It'll release December 25th.

The live-Action film “One in A Hundred Thousand” or also known as “10-Manbun no 1” starring Shirahama Alan and Taira Yuna will be premiered at the 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival which will be held from October 31st to November 9th. (L)

PR poster of the new movie "Sora ni sumu" starring Tabe Mikako, Kishii Yukino, Mimura Rie, Iwata Takanori, Tsurumi Shingo, Iwashita Hisafumi, Takahashi Yo, Oomori Nao, Nagase Masatoshi & Emoto Akira; showing in cinemas from 23 Oct 2020 (C)

The new movie "Tsubaki no Niwa" starring Fuji Sumiko, Shim Eun-Kyung, Suzuki Kyoka, Chang Chen, Tanabe Seiichi & Shimizu Kouji will have its screening date postponed to April 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation (C)

Supporting cast line-up of the new movie "Inochi no teishajou" starring Yoshinaga Sayuri - Iseya Yuusuke, Ishida Yuriko, Minamino Yoko, Yanagiba Toshiro, Izumiya Shigeru, Koike Eiko & Minami Ranbou (C)

The new movie "Turquoise no sora no shita de" jointly produced by Japan, Mongolia & France which stars Yagira Yuuya, will be shown in cinemas from 26 Feb 2021; plays Takeshi, the spendthrift heir to a large corporation who is tasked by his grandfather Saburo to search for his long-lost daughter in Mongolia with a woman he met there at the end of WWII while he was a prisoner of war (C)

Ikeda Elaiza's first movie as the director i.e. "Natsu, itaru koro" will be screened in cinemas from 4 Dec 2020; starring Kura Yuuki, Ishiuchi Roi, Saitou Nari, Abe Kenichi, Sugino Kiki, Ootsuka Masaji, Koura Kengo, Lily Franky & Hara Hideko (C)

Nakamura Tooru, Sugino Kiki, Saito Takumi, Nakamura Yuri, Fujiwara Taiyu, Bengaru, Moriguchi Yoko & Katagiri Hairi star in the new movie "Ai no manazashi wo" showing in 2021;  (C)

Miura Haruma's starring film 'Tengaramon' to be released on December 11 (TH)





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