de Lily Alice, Junho 19, 2023

The dominating presence of Im Yoon AhIU, and Suzy has caught the netizens' eye, and the trio have been named 'Yoon Ji Ji' in recognition of their fame and talent. 

Singers and actresses Yoon Ah, IU, and Suzy have been following in the footsteps of legendary actresses Kim Tae HeeSong Hye Kyo, and Jun Ji Hyun (who were named 'Tae Hye Ji'), and they are achieving remarkable success of their own.

Just like their predecessors, Yoon Ah, IU, and Suzy possess natural beauty and exceptional talents that captivate the public. Their popularity transcends generations, establishing them as the leading stars of the current generation.

What sets Yoon Ah, IU, and Suzy apart is their versatility and their broad range of talents. While initially gaining recognition as singers, they quickly outgrew the confines of the music industry and ventured into acting, conquering both the small and big screens. As multi-talented entertainers, they have achieved tremendous success through various works, solidifying their positions as all-round performers.

Yoon Ah, IU, and Suzy have proven their acting prowess at a young age, showcasing their talent through outstanding performances in notable productions. Like Kim Tae HeeSong Hye Kyo, and Jun Ji Hyun, they have established themselves as "timeless legends" in the industry. 

Im Yoon Ah, in particular, stands tall as the "Queen of Romantic-Comedy" She initially gained recognition as the idol of the renowned girl group Girls' Generation and has since become a force to be reckoned with at the box office. Her acting career took off with a bang through the daily drama You Are My Destiny (2008). Subsequently, her debut film Confidential Assignment  (2017) attracted an impressive 7.81 million cinemagoers and her leading role in Exit (2019) drew in a whopping 9.42 million moviegoers.

Yoon Ah's success story continued with Confidential Assignment 2: International ( garnering 6.98 million viewers) and the drama Big Mouth, where she showcased her versatility and captivated audiences on both the big and small screens. Her remarkable achievements include winning the Best Supporting Actress award at the 58th Grand Bell Awards and the Popular Star award for two consecutive years at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. She further solidified her status as an exceptional actress by receiving the Best Actress award for her performance in a miniseries at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards.

Im Yoon Ah is upholding her crown as the "Queen of Romantic Comedies" with the JTBC weekend drama King the Land, in which she plays the character of the "Smile Queen" Cheon Sa Rang. The drama premiered with a 5.1% rating for the first episode on June 17 and has been garnering a lot of attention from both domestic and international fans.

The singer-songwriter IU is currently making significant strides as an actress. She has graced the screens in notable dramas such as The Producers (2015), Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016), and Hotel del Luna (2019). However, it was her masterpiece, My Mister (2018), that truly established her as a leading actress. IU has consistently showcased her prowess to gather a dedicated fan base with each project she undertakes.

Her talent extends to the world of movie cinema as well. Last year, IU made her debut in films with the movie Broker. This remarkable achievement marked her first-ever participation in the competitive section of the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

In her latest movie, Dream released in April, IU unwaveringly took on the challenge to act in the genre of comedy alongside the esteemed director Lee Byung Hun, showcasing her diverse range of acting chops. Her next drama project is the upcoming Netflix series You Have Done Well, in which she will be seen alongside Park Bo Gum. Anticipations are high, particularly due to her reunion with director Kim Won Suk, who played a pivotal role in shaping IU's journey as an actress. 

Bae Suzy's journey as an actress began with a bang. Despite the initial controversy surrounding her acting skills, her debut with the drama Dream High back in 2010 marked a splendid start to her career. And her first film, Architecture 101 in 2012, earned her widespread adoration as the "Nation's First Love".

Throughout the years, Suzy has expanded her filmography with notable works including The Sound of a Flower (2015), Ashfall (2019), and various dramas such as Gu Family Book (2013), Uncontrollably Fond  (2016), While You Were Sleeping (2017), Vagabond (2019), and Start-Up (2020). Suzy has fearlessly taken on diverse genres, embracing historical dramas, rom-coms, fantasy, and melodrama. 

Continuing her growth as an actress, Suzy will next be seen in the upcoming Netflix Original Series Doona!. She will play the role of the retired idol Lee Doo Na.  Furthermore, she will be having a highly anticipated comeback to the big screen with the film Wonderland

Recently, Suzy also made headlines by confirming her appearance in the new drama It Will Come True, alongside Kim Woo Bin, marking their reunion after seven years since Uncontrollably Fond. This drama boasts a collaboration between the acclaimed writer Kim Eun Sook and director Lee Byung Hun

An industry insider commented, "Yoon Ah, IU, and Suzy are true entertainers who possess versatility, talent, and charisma. They are the leading 'trio' that all drama, film, and advertising companies desire to work with in the 2020s. If they continue to diligently build their careers like they are doing now, they have the potential to become superstars as influential as the 'Tae Hye Ji' trio."

As these three stars continue to excel in their careers, they are destined to leave a lasting legacy in the industry and inspire future generations of entertainers.