de Lily Alice, Maio 16, 2024

Netflix's upcoming original K-drama Hierarchy is confirmed to be released on June 7.  

Hierarchy is centered around Jooshin High School, South Korea's most prestigious school where the top 0.01% of powerful students rule. Kang Ha transfers to the school on scholarship and the world of Jooshin High School starts to shake.  

The K-drama is helmed by Big Mouth director Bae Hyun Jin, and the script is written by About Time writer Choo Hye Mi. It stars Roh Jeong Eui, Lee Chae Min, Kim Jae Won, Ji Hye Won, Lee Won Jung, and others. 

The teaser poster features a magnificent crown sitting in a cracked glass cabinet, symbolizing the world of Jooshin High School which runs on "perfect order". The text reads, "Admire It Or Despise It." 

The transfer student Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min) staring at the crown with clenched fists, hints at the crack in the world of Hierarchy. 

The hierarchy of Jooshin High School is determined by the wealth and social status of the students' families. Apart from the ultra-powerful, the only ones allowed to enter the prestigious school are scholarship students selected as part of noblesse oblige.  

The teaser begins with a scene showing the mysterious death of a student followed by the glamor of Jooshin High School. The dialogue "There's always trouble when there's a scholarship kid. And it always ends so tragically" and the scenes depicting bullying and the ugly side of the rich kids portray the disgusting world of Jooshin High School.  

Moreover, the fiery confrontation between Kim Ri An (Kim Jae Won), the most powerful student at Jooshin High School and heir to the Jooshin Group, and transfer student Kang Ha hints that Kang Ha's high school life in the prestigious school will be anything but easy. 

Ri An warns, "We're at Jooshin right now. Don't do anything you can't handle." 

Towards the teaser's conclusion, a student desperately cries, "Everyone at this school is nuts," adding to the curiosity about the ugly secrets of Jooshin High School. 

Hierarchy is coming to Netflix on June 7. Watch the teaser here