de Lily Alice, Maio 24, 2024

Netflix's upcoming Hierarchy dropped stills featuring Roh Jeong EuiLee Chae MinKim Jae WonJi Hye Won, and Lee Won Jung. 

The stills depict the five lead actors transformed into high school students. 

Hierarchy is centered around Jooshin High School, South Korea's most prestigious school where the top 0.01% of rich and powerful students rule. Kang Ha transfers to the school on scholarship and starts to shake up the world of Jooshin.   

Jeong Jae Yi (Roh Jeong Eui) is the Queen of Jooshin High School. 

Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min) is a transfer student who entered the prestigious school on scholarship. He appears a bright student but hides a secret. Students like him wear blue ties, whereas the elite kids wear red ties, a way to differentiate between their statuses. 

Kim Ri An (Kim Jae Won) is the successor to the Jooshin Group and also rules Jooshin High School. 

Yoon He Ra (Ji Hye Won) is the youngest daughter of a leading Korean trading company, and Lee Woo Jin (Lee Won Jung) is the son of a powerful political family.

Director Bae Hyun Jin remarked, "Each actor is very serious and passionate in expressing their characters." He added, "Roh Jeong Eui is the embodiment of Jeong Jae Yi herself. Lee Chae Min immediately came to mind when I was reading the script for Hierarchy." 

He further stated, "Kim Jae Won perfectly portrayed Ri An's fine image and even his hidden boyishness." He continued, "Ji Hye Won's unique loveliness adds charm to the character of He Ra. The energy that Lee Won Jung brings was a major factor in portraying Woo Jin." 

Hierarchy is coming to Netflix on June 7.