de Irusu, Maio 12, 2018

OSTs are a great ingredient to make a great drama. They add that extra spice to something that could be bland without it. With a good OST, the recipe to a great drama is about a quarter complete. 

2018 has been a great year for dramas, and it has also been a great year for OSTs. So I'm going to give you my list of the best OSTs of 2018 so far.

Jehwi - Dear Moon (My Mister OST)

There is something so calming about this song. It's really a fantastic song. The fact that the lyrics were written by IU makes it even better in my opinion.

Lee Changsub - Falling (A Poem a Day OST)

This OST fits with the dramas feel perfectly, and the vocals are really great.

Teen Top - Crazy (Switch: Change the World OST)

Woooow, I rarely see a rock song in drama OSTs but when I do its amazing!

DK - DREAM (Suits OST)

A really great catchy OST that is definitely going on my playlist. :)

Kim So Eun - Love, Love (That Man Oh Soo OST)

This song is so cute, I love it. It's also really cool that the lead actress sang it.

And that concludes my list of my favourite OST songs of 2018 so far.

Do you agree? Leave your favourites below. :)

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