de Lily Alice, Fevereiro 20, 2024

The cast of Marry My Husband shared their thoughts ahead of the K-drama's finale.

tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama Marry My Husband has only its finale left to air, and Park Min YoungNa In WooLee Yi KyungSong Ha Yoon, and Lee Gi Kwang shared their thoughts as they bid farewell to the series.

Park Min Young, who played Kang Ji Won, expressed her gratitude, saying, "Fortunately, many people have loved it, so I think I will be able to say goodbye with a bright smile." She further added, "I feel blessed and grateful. I think a lot will change in my acting career in the future." 

Na In Woo, who played Yoo Ji Hyuk, commented, "It still doesn't feel real. I feel like I have to wake up tomorrow and go to the set again. I feel sad." He added warmth by expressing his appreciation, saying, "All of our actors and staff worked really hard, and to our viewers, I love you all very much." 

Lee Yi Kyung, who played the antagonist Park Min Hwan, humorously expressed his genuine feelings, saying, "It feels good because it's the last time. I feel a bit relieved to be able to let go of villain acting." He also expressed his gratitude to the viewers, saying, "Thanks to all the love, [getting famous for] playing a bad person doesn't sound so bad. Thank you all for loving Marry My Husband so much." 

Song Ha Yoon, who plays the antagonist Jung Soo Min, commented about playing her character, saying, "There were times when I felt a bit scared while acting as Soo Min. I thought countless times, 'Is this feeling real or fake?' and I went through until episode 16." She also expressed anticipation for the future, saying, "The feeling that this is the last shoot still hasn't sunk in, but I guess I'll move on to another work, right?" promising to return to the screen with another production.  

Lee Gi Kwang, who played chef Baek Eun Ho, expressed his satisfaction, saying, "We filmed for about 6 to 7 months, and the atmosphere was very good, so I feel proud. I feel like my hard work was worth it, and I'll do my best until the end with great acting." 

tvN also dropped Park Min Young and Na In Woo's ethereal stills. 

Marry My Husband will air episode 16 on February 20. The K-drama is available to stream on Prime Video.