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Dear MDL'ers,

Have you ever desperately waited for any drama to air? For me, the answer is YES. I don't think I have to tell the name specifically coz we are here to talk about that drama, which I waited for ages, got tested my patience, and I was so happy when......  'Love Scenery' (良辰美景好时光 )  started airing. But after watching the first few episodes the question came to my mind, was it really worth waiting for? or it's just an average, regular drama. So through this article let's try to find the answer to my question ;D

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead and if you are a die-hard fan of 'Love Scenery' advise to not read if you can't handle criticism of your favorite show. This is written from my own perspective. 

Title: Love Scenery / 良辰美景好时光

Genres: Music, Comedy, Romance 

Episodes: 31 

Duration: 45 min.

Aired: Apr 8, 2021 - May 1, 2021 

Original Network: Tencent Video, iQiyi.

First thing first 'The Story' 


Adapted from author Qiao Yao's novel Ming Qiang Yi Duo, An Jian Nan Fang.

An inspiring story about mutual growth and love follows a singer and a 4th-year computer major. Liang Chen and Lu Jing are two individuals who shine in their respective fields. Employing the purest, most beautiful sound, Liang Chen wants to bring good music to her audience. Lu Jing, who loves computing and analysis, is highly recognized for his work in the study of complex human behavior. A popular gamer, Lu Jing is also a loyal fan of Liang Chen and her younger one at school. Two people who were strangers originally and pursued their own dreams intersect.

Lulu Xu as Liang Chen 

Lin Yi as Lu Jing 

Liang Chen a popular and very talented singer, at peak of her career gaining love from many fans. As the first impression, her character portrayal was like she's a badass and confident FL... I'm referring to one of the first scenes of the drama. But that was just it actually her character isn't like that at all.

Adorable, naive, and innocent would be perfect words to describe her, though her innocence sometimes feels childish... um very childish. Especially when she is playing the game. I won't say that her character is bad actually it's very cute but I didn't like the fact that we get the wrong first impression but at the end of the day, she isn't even close to badass FLs. I'll say we don't get 'Strong Female Lead' here. Personally, I felt that her personality and the role she's playing as lead singer don't match well. 

Lulu Xu did a good job in 'Sunshine of My Life.' She's doing here too! Her acting is good most of the time just sometimes at the edge of being over the top or 'overacting I'll say :')

Lu ling college student who's in 4th year of computer science. Well, we are getting all-rounder ML as usual I'll say. He's great at studies, topper too! he's number one in gaming, he knows to play the violin, he can play basketball plus handsome so he is all package knowing all things and also great at them. Ops how can I forgot this he is the popular boy on the campus that some student attend class because he is in the class (I felt this was unnecessary and very unrealistic)

Confidence is one of his good traits, he knows what he wants. He is mature but can be very cute too when it comes to our FL. But not cute all the time. He has an adorable smile (Don't know if this counts in good traits haha).

But he can be a little rude too.

I think Lin Yi is perfect for such roles, he was also one of the main reasons why this drama was so anticipated as it was supposed to be his 2nd drama after PYHOMS. Lin Yi is giving justice to his role and I can see the improvement in the acting too!

One of the good points I noted above ... 'His smile'

First Impression:

' Well begun is half done ' as the proverb says beginning always matters for some it can matter most also. 

 So talking about not just the first episode but the very first scene which ends up confusing ourselves if we are watching the right drama? there's nothing like 'Action' in the genre or even tags. For me wasn't really a great way to start any drama or the first episode. So I'll say it didn't leave any great first impression on me as the start really matters to me a lot.
 Then we get to see the award function which is to know how our FL is successful in her career. To be honest I liked the introduction of Liang Chen more than the action entry of Lu Jing.

But then it was sloppy editing, jumping on different scenes at the same time meanwhile a flashback was a big NO for me, So the first quite a mess won't say bad, but nothing more than an average episode.

As the first impression wasn't the best for me, I can say it definitely didn't have that bang start which hooked me to the drama from the first episode. Music is the main genre of the show but the first few episodes were all revolving around the gaming part which is absolutely not a good thing. And we have to wait a lot for the first meeting of our leads while there are 9-10 missed encounters of leads till they actually meet. Another thing I didn't like that it was kind of draggy, boring with happening some unnecessary events from the start. In the summary of starting episodes, I'll say lots of gaming scenes than an actual meeting of leads, 'The missed encounters,' portrayal of various skills of ML (Not to forget he's topper also), and a bit of music.

(My favorite scene from the first episode... where I misunderstood FLs personality)

First Half:

1 to 15 episode

So for me didn't start well, the few episodes bored me. But later in the next episodes, the things which were bothering me get a little better. As talking about gaming scenes, our leads finally meet and we also get music too! so the things which I wasn't satisfied with within the beginning started to get better as we go further. But though there's the arrival of the next problem 'The Second Male Lead.'

Hu Bing as Jia Yun 

At this point of the show, the most annoying, creepy unnecessary and character who doesn't fail to get on my nerves is Jia Yun. I guess having SML who's in his 50s is one of the biggest problems of the show, I don't mind age gaps most of the time but this is too much. The most unnecessary fact of the drama.

Being a best friend doesn't give anyone the right to interfere with someone's personal life. Most of the actions are unreasonable for me as FLs attitude definitely clears out that she doesn't see him any other than a friend, still, he's stuck and not moving on.

Personally, I feel his character is one the biggest cons of the show which ruining my mood too :(

Though we get annoying SML, still I'm happy with the progress of the story which happens in this phase of drama, surely we get slow burn romance vibes from some episodes, and feels as if we have to wait forever to see getting leads together but don't assume things earlier we still have a long way to go. But I'm happy that at least they meet, the meeting bound to happen for ages. 

 Not just we get a meeting but also the first date... which was one the sweetest moments that happened. And I was smiling like an idiot in the whole episode :')

Though the first half was good concerning the starting still not good enough, pretty much cliches. Not a big fan of any second couple though. The characters should have more dimensions, rather than fitting them in perfect mold. Last but not least... The story is just so unrealistic.

Second Half:

16 to 31 episode

To be honest, I am not happy with how some things turned out later after some cute interactions of leads, that twist was unexpected and out of nowhere but I guess it didn't have any other role than taking part in making the lead's relationship more dimensional, strong and gaining the trust of each other. Letting that twist aside I really liked that there's an increase in the screentime. Still, SML is as annoying as or I'll say he irritates more  ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯ 

I love is Lu Jing's friends. They are just mood. And theories about Gu Fei Ming and Lu Jing are um what can I say about it lol xD. But their actions are also at the edge of being sneaky and sometimes a little annoying and irritating too! The interactions between leads and the decent chemistry are the most important improvement after the first half. But it also has another drastic change... which seemed to be slow-paced drama abruptly changed into fast-paced, to be honest, I didn't expect what happened in episode 20. Things started to moving fast after it... um, very fast I'll say it almost turned 180 degrees. And another fact I liked the increase in the screen-time of leads. Glad after it they get rid of the whole love triangle situation rather than stretching it so far. 

At this point of the show leads are together having a great time (so we are too). Though I really don't like how they try adding unexpected problems out of nowhere just to make the situation serious or I'll say a couple of hurdles might in the relationship be the goal. Though showing a healthy relationship with having a conversation was indeed a nice trick to forgetting the whole seriousness before. Not to forget I'm liking the relationship growth between these two ;D

So we didn't get any gaming scenes except just a few in this part... still gaming scenes have a big no from my side coz they are still a boring part of the show for me. The chemistry between leads in this part is really great and their interactions also, Oh damn I didn't expect to get this number of kissing scenes (Yes it was shocking as in the start it was slow burn). But it also proves that it's a pure romance show. Still, Jiang Chen's being extra childish little bothers me not because of character but rather for acting itself. 

Everything is perfect when we are reaching the end of this journey, many good things are happening along the way. I mean okay that was great BUT Wth was that plane scene the most unnecessary part of the show, it's dead sure that it has a happy ending and no one is gonna die, was it really needed their ah it just annoyed me too much.

It was obvious from the starting of this journey we sure gonna get a happy and satisfactory ending and sure it was like that! 

Few things I would like to point out (Though it seems these aren't few)

  • The Music:

This is the thing which I can say definitely I loved it. It's fitting its main genre as 'Music.' All OSTs are just perfect regarding the concept of the drama. Especially the opening song 'Never Stop' ( 绝不止步). 'When I was Eighteen' is fun and interesting I loved it's La la la la.... la. And 'Never Stop' have also its acoustic version which is soothing and calm still I prefer its rock version with high notes and pitch. 'You Have Me' another calming song that also can enlighten the mood. So the OSTs which are amazing sure one of the pros of the show.

Not only the OSTs but I also liked the background music which helps to enhance every scene. Other than songs the violin which was played by Lu Jing is my favorite.

So music 100% worth it!

  • The Cinematography

We have scenery in the title of the drama itself so it must have beautiful scenery in the drama too! I'll say it has, except for the gaming scenes where CGI was quite a mess. But overall it does have beautiful cinematography which can surely be taken as one of the pros of the show.

  • Gaming Scenes 

I like them more than being in the game, though we see the same appearance in the game too still it feels unreal, first 8-10 episodes have many unnecessary (From my opinion) gaming scenes. Another fact we have beautiful scenery in the whole drama except for some gaming, the CGI isn't in the right place so it doesn't give much effect.

  • Cliches 

If you don't like cliches it's not the right place for you... we are getting many cliches here sometimes a bit cringe too. Well, how many times we have to watch the same things happen and happen again in c-dramas. Irritating SML, too innocent FL, perfect ML, a jealous competitor of FL, fated love, and.... many more. 

  • Predictableness

Well, it's too predictable and nothing new or special with the story even the struggles or obstacles they get in their relationship are similar to overused troops we are getting in almost every rom-com so nothing new here. So if you are expecting some magnificent writing sorry to disappoint you but we aren't getting it. 

(Though there are some/many things which are bothering me still these both are such cuties)

  • Side Characters

It's necessary for me to point this out because side characters play a crucial role in any drama, but we got just bland and dimensionless side characters here. Even side couples story isn't interesting enough that we would take any interest in it. Shan Shan being the blandest character here, the thing is we didn't even get to explore her back story much just have to endure her crying scenes (Quite a lot of scenes). Though I felt bad for her still we have to wait till the last episode to see her character development. Side characters didn't actually have much value as the story almost only revolves around our leads.

  • Fashion/Costumes 

I'll count it as the strong point. I really liked Liang Chen's wardrobe and styling and also how Lu Jing's and her clothes and their color complement each other very well. Well showing a celebrity must-have some glamour for me she looked stunning in every outfit and surely knows how to carry them. 

  • Unnecessary Situations 

Do we need unnecessary problems at any point in the show? NO. I know right that the show needs some of these for the story or have 31 episodes to complete but that doesn't mean that there must be unnecessary problems or difficulties. 'Jiang Chen's throat problem' and 'Lu Jing's abroad study' are the perfect examples of this scenario. And what was the point of violin, I mean they never used it later or even mentioned it. So was it just to show off Lu Jing's skills?

And what was this Liu Mao Yan's situation, it was clearly seen that he was definitely Lin Yi, why make such an unnecessary and non-existent character? 

  • Unrealisticness

It's so so so unrealistic, and I'm not exaggerating. Voice dubbing and lip-syncing aren't done properly. So FL who is the lead singer, the very popular one, won many awards but she doesn't have any kind of security? and we should believe that? and not to forget in the one scene we see the ML directly go to her apartment and ring the bell, the society where I used to live has a watchman who even not let any stranger even inside the gate. So like anyone can just walk around the place she lives?... And apparently, she can just wander wearing just cap even not sometimes without being noticed by anyone  ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯ 

How many missed encounters they had? Ops we call it 'Fate' in the dramaland, right?  Can anyone be this naive and innocent in real life which almost being childish, FLs being extra sweet, and MLs being extra perfect surly unrealistic. 

So after analyzing all the aspects of the show from my point of view I got the final conclusion, that it wasn't a great or best show which is worth waiting for ages... BUT it doesn't mean it isn't good. Definitely fun and interesting having so many sweet and happy moments that won't fail to bring a smile to your face. And the full dose of FLUFF. 

It was a fun ride for me, neither disappointed nor impressed but yeah it surely left a smile on my face... 

Don't forget to share your opinion about the show, I'm okay with any criticism if I'm wrong, will meet you soon someday with another article... Have a wonderful day :)

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