de lo_ve, Maio 28, 2024

Lee Mi Do will be part of the cast of the upcoming SBS K-drama The Judge from Hell led by Park Shin Hye and Kim Jae Young.

On May 28, Lee Mi Do's agency JWide Company announced that Lee Mi Do will be part of the new SBS fantasy romance K-drama The Judge from Hell

This will be the first official K-drama project of Lee Mi Do for 2024. Last year, she starred in the K-dramas The Fabulous and The Secret Romantic Guesthouse. She also made a special appearance in My Dearest Part 2 and Between Him and Her

Last April, Lee Mi Do also participated in the film Again 1997 with Cho Byeong Kyu, Han Eun Su, Koo Jun Hoe, Han Seo Joon, Choi Hui Seung, Kim Da Hyun, and more. 

The actress is known for being included in the K-dramas 18 Again, My Father Is Strange, Sassy Go Go, Fated to Love You, The King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang, and more. 

Lee Mi Do is also known for creating funny videos on TikTok. The last post of the actress was in December 2023.

Lee Mi Do will work alongside Park Shin Hye, Kim Jae Young, Kim In Kwon, Kim Hye Hwa, and Kim Ah Young in the upcoming series.

The Judge from Hell will revolve around Kang Bit Na, a "demon from hell" who enters a judge's body and punishes criminals, and humane detective Han Da On who punishes the sinners.

In the K-drama, Lee Mi Do will portray the role of Seo Hwa Sun. She is a judge of the Criminal Chamber 16 of the Seoul Central District Court and has an inferiority complex to Park Shin Hye's character Kang Bit Na. 

The Judge from Hell will be helmed by director Park Jin Pyo who is known for creating the K-dramas Brave Citizen, Love Forecast, and Voice of a Murderer.

The upcoming K-drama is set to premiere in the second half of 2024. It will be part of the SBS Friday and Saturday K-drama timeslot. 


Are you anticipating the airing of The Judge from Hell?