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Lee Joong Ok is confirmed to star alongside Park Shin Hye and Kim Jae Young in a new K-drama.

On April 18, it was officially confirmed that Lee Joong Ok will join the cast of the upcoming crime romance K-drama The Judge from Hell which will premiere on SBS. 

This will be his second K-drama for 2024. Early this year, the actor was part of the cast of the hit Netflix original K-drama A Killer Paradox led by Choi Woo Shik, Son Suk Ku, Lee Hee Joon, Kim Yo Han, and Choi Sun Woo

Aside from this, Lee Joong Ok is also expected to star in the upcoming film Only God Knows Everything. He will work alongside Shin Seung Ho, Han Ji Eun, Park Myung Hoon, Jeon So Min, and Yoo Sung Joo

Lee Joong Ok made his acting debut in 2007. Since then he has starred in various supporting roles both in K-dramas and films. The actor is known for being part of the works Castaway Diva. Strong Girl Namsoon, Mine, Zombie Detective, Strangers from Hell, Come Back Home, A Year-End Medley, Hitman: Agent Jun, Extreme Job, The Drug King, and more.

The Judge from Hell will tell the story of Kang Bit Na, a "demon from hell" who enters a judge's body and punishes criminals, and humane detective Han Da On who punishes the sinners.

The upcoming K-drama will be the next project of director Park Jin Pyo who is known for creating the K-dramas Brave Citizen, Love Forecast, and Voice of a Murderer.

Lee Joong Ok will work alongside Park Shin Hye, Kim Jae Young, Kim In Kwon, Kim Hye Hwa, and Kim Ah Young in the upcoming series.

In the series, Lee Joong Ok will portray the role of Jae Hyun. He is a demon who currently owns a cleaning company called "Soldier Cleaning" in the human world. He will work closely with Park Shin Hye's character Kang Bit Na.

According to reports, The Judge from Hell will premiere within the year. The K-drama will have a total of 16 episodes and it will exclusively premiere on SBS. 


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