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Lee Joon Hyuk is confirmed to lead a new K-drama about his Stranger character, Seo Dong Jae.

On September 18, TVING officially confirmed that Lee Joon Hyuk will continue to portray the role of Seo Dong Jae in the upcoming Stranger spin-off Good or Bad Dong Jae

Good or Bad Dong Jae will revolve around the popular Stranger character Seo Dong Jae who was portrayed by Lee Joon Hyuk for the two seasons of Stranger. The actor will be working once again with writer  Lee Soo Yeon, who also created the two seasons of Stranger. 

The upcoming K-drama will reveal more about Seo Dong Jae who is on a dangerous tightrope walk between his intuition to be a good prosecutor and the instinct of an opportunist while handling a high school murder case. 

In the first two seasons of Stranger, Lee Joon Hyuk was praised and loved for his cheeky character. In the spin-off, Lee Joon Hyuk is expected once again to showcase an annoying but can not-be-hated character Seo Dong Jae. 

The production team of Good or Bad Dong Jae shared, "It's too bad to show the charming character of Seo Dong Jae who is not biased between food and evil only in Stranger. We hope that viewers will look forward to Seo Dong Jae's journey as a prosecutor."

According to reports,  Good or Bad Dong Jae will premiere exclusively on TVING next year. 

This will be the fourth upcoming K-drama of Lee Joon Hyuk. This year, the actor is set to star in the upcoming Disney+ original K-drama Vigilante with Nam Joo Hyuk, Yoo Ji Tae, and Kim So Jin

He will also join the upcoming series Greetings and Plaza Wars

This year, Lee Joon Hyuk was also busy with two films such as Firemen and The Roundup: No Way Out.


Are you excited to know more about Seo Dong Jae and his work as a prosecutor?