de lo_ve, Junho 24, 2024

Former INFINITE member Lee Ho Won (Hoya) to star in his first-ever historical K-drama since debut.

On June 24, it was officially confirmed that Lee Ho Won would be added to the cast of the upcoming Channel A historical K-drama Check in Hanyang

This will be the first time that Lee Ho Won will star in a historical K-drama genre ever since he started his acting career. This will also be the return of Lee Ho Won to acting after five years. 

Lee Ho Won was last seen in the 2019 K-drama Hip Hop King: Nassna Street with Shin Won Ho, Lee Na Eun, Han Hyun Min, Kim Young Ok, and Yoo Seo Jin

Aside from K-dramas, Lee Ho Won will also star in the upcoming movie Sanbok Road with Ha Kyung, Kim Won Hae, Ahn Nae Sang, Do Ji Won, and Jang Hyuk Jin

Lee Ho Won started his acting career in 2012. He has appeared in the K-dramas Reply 1997, My Lovely Girl, Mask, Super Family, Two Cops, Devilish Joy, and more. 

After he departed from INFINITE in 2017, Lee Ho Won pursued his solo activities in both singing and acting. 

Check in Hanyang is a romance comedy set in the Joseon Dynasty. The K-drama will revolve around three men and one woman who will enter Yongcheonru, the largest guest house in Joseon.

Lee Ho Won will join the main leads Bae In Hyuk, Kim Ji Eun, Jung Gun Joo, DKZ's Park Jae Chan, and Han Jae Suk of the series. 

Director Myung Hyun Woo (My Man Is Cupid and Miracle) and screenwriter Park Hyun Jin (Love and Leashes and Like for Likes) will collaborate to create the upcoming historical K-drama.

Check in Hanyang will exclusively premiere on Channel A in the second half of 2024. The K-drama will have a total of 16 episodes. 


Are you excited to see Lee Ho Won once again in the K-drama scene?