de Lily Alice, Setembro 26, 2023

High Cookie has unveiled character stills that have piqued the curiosity of audiences. The script of the K-drama is penned by Kang Han, and Song Min Yeop takes the director's chair. The cast includes Nam Ji HyunChoi Hyun WookKim Mu YeolJung Da BinSeo Bum June, and Chae Seo Eun.

High Cookie spins a tale where a mysterious homemade cookie has the power to turn desires into reality with just one bite. It engulfs an elite high school, setting the stage for a riveting narrative. We will witness the characters struggling with their desires within the cookie's tantalizing grasp.

The recently released character stills introduce us to Yoo Seong Pil, an admissions consultant scouted by Jeonghan High School. Seong Pil's face as he looks at the kids in the consultation, and his gentle smile and serene expression convey his affection and profound interest in the students.

Further stills depict him holding application documents and intently listening to the students, showcasing his professional dedication. In another heartwarming moment, he flashes a kind smile, offering a glimpse into his benevolent nature.

Kim Mu Yeol, a versatile actor known for his roles in various films and dramas such as Juvenile JusticeThe Gangster, the Cop and the Devil, and The Devil's Deal, plays the role of Seong Pil in High Cookie. Seong Pil is an admissions consultant who stops at nothing, whether it be legal, illegal, or unorthodox methods, to secure the best opportunities for his students. 

Upon entering Jung Han High School, he simultaneously takes an interest in the students and embarks on a quest to unveil the secrets behind the mysterious cookie. 

Mark your calendars as High Cookie will premiere on U+Mobiletv on October 23.