de lo_ve, Maio 26, 2023

Kim Da Mi and Son Seok Koo will possibly be the next pairing in the K-drama world.

On May 26, media outlets shared that Kim Da Mi will be working with Son Seok Koo in the upcoming K-drama titled Nine Puzzle.

In response to the circulating news, Son Seok Koo's agency SBD Entertainment shared their side. According to them, "Son Seok Koo did receive the offer to star in Nine Puzzle and he is positively considering it."

Kim Da Mi's agency United Artists Agency (UAA) also clarified that the actress is still reviewing the offer after receiving the script. 

Nine Puzzle will be the second K-drama work of director Yoon Jong Bin. He is known for creating the Netflix original K-drama Narco-Saints and the movies The Spy Gone North, KUNDO: Age of the Rampant, Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time, and more. 

The upcoming K-drama will showcase the journey of a profiler who's seeking the truth from a past case wherein she became both the witness and the suspect. 

Kim Da Mi got the offer to play the role of Lee Na, the only witness of a murder who became a profiler ten years later. 

Son Seok Koo received the character named Hanssem. He is a police officer who thinks Lee Na is the suspect in the murder case. 

There is no official confirmation yet on the broadcast network and release date of Nine Puzzle.

This will possibly be the grand comeback of Kim Da Mi to K-dramas. She last starred in the 2021 series Our Beloved Summer with Choi Woo Shik, Kim Sung Cheol, Roh Jeong Eui, Ahn Dong Goo, and Park Jin Joo.

Kim Da Mi is also set to lead the upcoming movie The Great Flood

Meanwhile, Nine Puzzle will be the third upcoming K-drama of Son Seok Koo. The actor will be leading the series Murder DIEary and will also return to D.P. Season 2

Son Seok Koo is also joining the upcoming films Comment Army and Virus.


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