de lo_ve, Janeiro 9, 2023

Actress Jung Hye Young is confirmed to join the upcoming fantasy romance K-drama "This Relationship Is Force Majeure."

Jung Hye Young's agency YG Entertainment confirmed on January 9 that the actress is joining the upcoming JTBC K-drama "This Relationship Is Force Majeure." There are no official details yet on the role that she will portray. 

After starring in the hit K-drama "Reborn Rich" with Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, Shin Hyun Bin, Yoon Je Moon, Jo Han Chul, and Kim Young Jae, Jung Hye Young is returning to JTBC with another series. 

This will be the first official K-drama project of the actress for 2023. Jung Hye Young has starred in several K-dramas such as "Behind Every Star Season 1," "Snowdrop," "The Crowned Clown," "Gu Family Book," "Playful Kiss," "East of Eden," "90 Days of Love," "Lovers," and more. 

Jung Hye Young made her acting debut in 1995. Currently, she is signed under YG Entertainment, the same agency as her husband, Sean from the hip-hop duo Jinusean.

 "This Relationship Is Force Majeure" is a fantasy romance K-drama that will tell the story of a woman who got a hold of a forbidden book sealed 300 years ago and a man who will be the victim of the book.

The upcoming K-drama will be the next work of director Nam Ki Hoon ("Kiss Sixth Sense" and "Voice 3: City of Accomplices") and writer Noh Ji Sul ("100 Days My Prince" and "Scent of a Woman").

Jung Hye Young will be joining the main casts SF9's Rowoon, Jo Bo Ah, Ha Joon, Girls Day's Yura, Hyun Bong Shik, and Park Kyung Hye

 "This Relationship Is Force Majeure" will officially premiere in the second half of 2023. The K-drama will exclusively air on JTBC.


Are you excited to see Jung Hye Young in another K-drama this year?