de Lily Alice, Maio 21, 2024

Miss Night and Day drops a new teaser. 

Miss Night and Day follows the story of Lee Mi Jin (Jung Eun Ji), a young woman who mysteriously wakes up one day as an old lady. Mi Jin begins a new life as a senior intern at Seohan District Public Prosecutors' Office under the name Lim Soon (Lee Jung Eun) after overcoming the shock of her sudden transformation. 

The second teaser opens with Lee Mi Jin, who transforms into a senior intern in her 50s during the day and a young job seeker in her 20s at night.  

Lee Mi Jin, as Lim Soon, diligently works hard each day as a senior intern under the strict supervision of prosecutor Gye Ji Woong (Choi Jin Hyuk), a perfectionist. She skillfully completes difficult missions despite having physically aged, showcasing her versatility. Even her boss expresses bewilderment, admitting, "I can't do that," as he observes her climbing a mountain. While Lim Soon rises as a legend in the intern world, young Lee Mi Jin still struggles to get a job.  

Furthermore, the mysterious case of serial disappearances that Lim Soon (Lee Mi Jin) and Gye Ji Woong are pursuing adds mystery to the comedy-filled fun. Lee Mi Jin's anxious gaze as she walks on a dark rice field and Gye Ji Woong fighting someone in the club portray Miss Night and Day as a multi-genre drama. 

Miss Night and Day will premiere on June 15. The K-drama will be available to stream on Netflix. Watch the teaser here.