de lo_ve, Dezembro 19, 2023

Ju Ji Hoon is starring in another OTT K-drama next year!

On December 19, media outlets reported that Ju Ji Hoon will be the main lead of the upcoming OTT K-drama titled Climax. The upcoming K-drama will be directed by Lee Ji Won and it is expected to start filming in the second half of 2024. 

Ju Ji Hoon's side responded to the reports and confirmed the casting. According to a representative of the actor, Ju Ji Hoon received the proposal and reviewed the offer. After reading the script, he has decided to join and lead the upcoming K-drama. 

Climax will be produced by the same production company as the recent hit film 12.12: The Day. The upcoming K-drama will be the first-ever series that will be produced by Hive Media Corp.

The upcoming K-drama will be penned by director Lee Ji Won who is known for creating hit films Miss Baek, Bungee Jumping of Their Own, The Scarlet Letter, and The Show Must Go On

The production team will be active in casting after securing actor Ju Ji Hoon.

Climax will begin its production around the summer of 2024. The K-drama is positively considered to be aired through a global OTT platform.

This will be the fourth upcoming K-drama of Ju Ji Hoon. The actor is set to lead the upcoming K-dramas Blood Free, The Trauma Code: Heroes on Call, and Shop of the Lamp. Ju Ji Hoon is also expected to join the upcoming film Along With the Gods 3

This year, Ju Ji Hoon did not appear in any K-dramas. He just led the films Ransomed and Project Silence with Ha Jung Woo and Lee Sun Kyun respectively. 


Which actors would you like to see work with Ju Ji Hoon in the upcoming K-drama Climax?