de Lily Alice, Dezembro 31, 2023

SBS's upcoming drama Connection, starring Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do, dropped a teaser. 

Connection tells the story of an ace detective in the narcotics team, forcibly addicted to drugs by someone. He uncovers the entire story of connections within a 20-year corrupt friendship using the death of his friend as a clue.

Veteran actor Ji Sung portrays Detective Jang Jae Kyung, the ace of the narcotics unit. Hospital Playlist actress takes on the role of Oh Yun Jin, a local news reporter. 

The teaser commences with a news report saying, "The government has declared a war on drugs due to the recent surge in drug-related crimes."

Ji Sung, as Detective Jang Jae Kyung, makes his entry.

One day, Jang Jae Kyung gets a suspicious text from a mysterious figure named Doctor. He is then attacked from behind, and when he regains consciousness, he discovers that someone has made him addicted to drugs against his will.

As Jang Jae Kyung battles his new addiction, a voice-over asks, "A detective in the narcotics unit is doing drugs?!" When a man says, "Something does smell fishy about this," Oh Yun Jin confidently nods. "They're trying to cover up this incident, right?" she asks.

The teaser concludes with Jang Jae Kyung saying, "Even I have no idea where and from whom the connections begin."

Connection is scheduled to air in 2024. Watch the teaser below