de Lily Alice, Abril 24, 2024

Hospital Playlist actress Jeon Mi Do returns to the small screen, this time as a journalist in Connection.

On April 24, the production team of the new SBS drama Connection revealed the character stills of the actress.

Connection tells the story of an ace detective in the narcotics team, forcibly addicted to drugs. He uncovers the entire story of connections of a 20-year distorted friendship using the death of his friend as a clue. 

Connection is Jeon Mi Do's first mystery crime K-drama. She plays the character of Oh Yun Jin, a journalist at Ahn Hyun Economic Daily who refuses to turn a blind eye to any wrongdoing. She is a materialistic woman who, while enduring hardships to make a living, believes money is the best thing one can have in life. 

The stills depict a scene from the K-drama in which Oh Yun Jin appears visibly irritated after her phone falls when someone bumps into her. Soon after, her expression changes to a serious one and she urgently makes a call to report the news from the scene.  

Actress Jeon Mi Do explained her reason for choosing Connection: "I found it interesting that two  imperfect protagonists dig into the case." Regarding her character, she said, "She is a character more realistic than anyone else, who honestly reveals her desires." 

Connection is scheduled to premiere on May 24. More news about the K-drama's OTT streaming service is yet to come.