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Two INFINITE members are starring in one K-drama!

On February 6, media outlets revealed that Lee Sung Yeol will be joining his groupmate Kim Myung Soo in the upcoming MBC K-drama "Accounting Firm."

Management 2Sang, home of Lee Sung Yeol and Kim Myung Soo then responded to the casting reports. The agency did not only confirm that Lee Sung Yeol will be joining the upcoming K-drama, but they also confirmed the casting of Kim Myung Soo. Previously, Kim Myung Soo was only in discussion to join the series. 

This will be the first drama project of Lee Sung Yeol and Kim Myung Soo together after they moved to Management 2Sang. 

Both Kim Myung Soo and Lee Sung Yeol made their debut as an idol in 2010 through the boy group INFINITE created by Woollim Entertainment. In 2019, Kim Myung Soo decided to leave Woollim Entertainment and joined 2Sang after his contract expired. In 2021, Lee Sung Yeol also decided to leave Woollim Entertainment and join Kim Myung Soo in Management 2Sang. 

This will not be the first time that the two members will star in a K-drama. Kim Myung Soo started his acting career in 2011 while Lee Sung Yeol started acting in 2009. 

Kim Myung Soo is known for being part of the K-dramas "Shut Up: Flower Boy Band," "The Master's Sun,' "My Lovely Girl," "Miss Hammurabi," "Secret Royal Inspector," and more. 

Meanwhile, Lee Sung Yeol has also starred in K-dramas such as "While You Were Sleeping," "Please Remember, Princess," "Hi! School - Love On," "D-Day," and "Time of Memory." 

"Accounting Firm" will revolve around the life of Jang Hoo Woo who has a tragic family history. He then joins the  Taeil Accounting Firm and became the first and only high school graduate accountant in the company. 

Aside from Kim Myung Soo and Lee Sung Yeol, the K-drama will also be led by Choi Jin Hyuk, Choi Min Soo, Yeonwoo, and Kim Nam Yee

Kim Myung Soo will play the role of Jang Hoo Woo, an accountant who only has a high school degree. This will be his comeback K-drama after he got discharged from the military. 

Lee Sung Yeol will play the role of Shin Hyung Woo. He also overcame the difficulty of his family's condition and became a director at the accounting firm. 

"Accounting Firm" already began its filming. The K-drama is aimed to premiere in the first half of 2023. 


Are you excited to see two INFINITE members in one K-drama?