de lo_ve, Agosto 22, 2022

Actor Hong Woo Jin is the latest addition to the cast of the upcoming ENA drama "Good Job."

On August 22nd, it was confirmed that Hong Woo Jin will take part in the upcoming drama "Good Job." He will work closely with Jo Young Jin and Girls' Generation's Kwon Yu Ri's characters. 

"Good Job" will revolve around a conglomerate detective Eun Sun Woo and a woman with super vision who's also looking for a job named Don Sera. 

The drama will be the collaboration between director Kang Min Gu and writer Kim Jung Ae. It will be produced by ECH and KT Studio Genie.

The series will be led by Jung Il Woo, Kwon Yu Ri, Eum Moon Suk, Song Sang Eun, Yoon Sun Woo, Lee Joon Hyuk, Jo Young Jin, Cha Rae Hyung, and Min Chae Eun.

Hong Woo Jin will play the role of Kim Hae Ha, the loyal secretary of Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo played by Jo Young Jin. Kim Jae Ha is the role model for all secretaries. He works for the Eungang Group and helps the main lead Don Se Ra (Kwon Yu Ri's character) when she encounters trouble.

"Good Job" will begin airing on August 24th at 9 PM KST. The series can be viewed through the ENA channel and OTT platforms Olleh TV and seezn.

This will be the fourth drama of Hong Woo Jin for 2022. He starred in several dramas this year such as "Through the Darkness," "Rose Mansion," and "Why Her?"

Hong Woo Jin made his acting debut in 2007. Since then, he has portrayed different kinds of supporting roles in dramas "Six Flying Dragons," "The Nokdu Flower," "Crash Landing on You," "A Piece of Your Mind," "Squid Game," "My Name," and more. 


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