de lo_ve, Fevereiro 3, 2023

Han Ji Hyun will be the female lead in the upcoming K-drama "Look at Me."

On February 3, it was reported that Han Ji Hyun will be the female protagonist in the upcoming medical mystery thriller K-drama "Look at Me." She will be working with Lee Min Ki who was the first to be cast in the new K-drama. 

Han Ji Hyun's agency SBD Entertainment responded to the casting reports through the media outlet Star News. The agency confirmed that Han Ji Hyun will be starring in the upcoming wavve K-drama "Look at Me." 

"Look at Me" will revolve around the truth of the case of a  famous plastic surgeon who had a great reputation but was tainted due to an unexpected incident and reconstructed crime victims.

The upcoming K-drama will be the next work of director Ahn Sang Hoon ("Yaksha: Ruthless Operations") and writer Hwang Ye Jin ("Secret Mother"). The k-drama will be produced by West World Story which also produced other MBC, wavve, and ENA K-dramas.

In the upcoming K-drama, Han Ji Hyun will give life to a character named Lee Min Hyung. She is an ace detective in the violent crime team. She is known for being fearless, frank, and with great empathy. Lee Min Ki on the other hand will portray the role of Cha Jung Woo, the plastic surgeon who's famous for his looks and excellent skills. 

"Look at Me" will begin filming this coming March. The airing date will reportedly be later this year.

"Look at Me" will be the first project of Han Ji Hyun for 2023. Last year, the actress focuses on starring in the youth series "Cheer Up" wherein she worked alongside Bae In Hyuk, Kim Hyun Jin, Jang Gyu Ri, Lee Min Jae, and Lee Eun Saem. She showed a different side in this K-drama compared to her character in the hit K-drama "The Penthouse: War in Life ." 

This time, anticipation arises as Han Ji Hyun will take on a new challenge by starring in a medical mystery, thriller K-drama. 

Han Ji Hyun made her acting debut in 2018 and has starred in different genres of K-dramas ever since. 


What are your thoughts on the partnership between Han Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ki in a new K-drama?